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How to Invest in the Hottest Real Estate Markets from Your Home

hottest real estate markets

Investing in the hottest real estate markets is one of the many ways to diversify your portfolio. Traditionally, you would have to find local properties to invest in. Otherwise, you needed to have connections in the real estate market, so you could expand your horizons.

However, DiversyFund is disrupting the real estate investment market by making it easy for nearly anyone to invest in real estate. With our online portal, members can access the hottest real estate markets available in the country. Even if you are new to real estate investing, our crowdfunding platform makes it easy to discover, analyze and invest in the properties that interest you.

Finding The Hottest Real Estate Markets

Southern California continues to be one of the hottest real estate markets in the country. According to, San Diego is the third hottest market available. However, until recently, you needed to be living in Southern California to invest in these properties.

Not anymore though! DiversyFund is lowering the barrier of entry, so all have access to real estate investments.  If you are an investor in Chicago, New York, San Fransisco, or anywhere else in the country, you now have access to these exclusive investment opportunities.  Even more so, if you don’t have real estate investing experience, our team of experts make it easy for you to get started

By signing up for free as an investor on our site, you have immediate access to all of our pre-vetted offerings.  DiversyFund, a crowdfunding real estate platform, ensures you have all the essential financial information regarding the investment. This allows you to avoid spending hours on the phone or computer researching each investment. Since all of the facts are provided to you upfront,  you can start investing in minutes.

Additional Real Estate Investment Tips

  1. Leverage Technology
    Put technology to work for you, so your money can go to work too. A platform like DiversyFund can save you a lot of time. By presenting deals and information to you immediately, you no longer need to hunt down the investment facts.
  2. Evaluate Residential and Commercial Deals Differently
    If you generally invest in residential properties, it’s important to understand that commercial properties are different. For example, commercial properties are evaluated by their usable square footage.
  3. Know the Market
    Having a direct understanding of the market is crucial to investing. If you don’t have a full understanding of the local market, then you should work with a partner that does, such as DiversyFund. With a detailed vetting process, we back only the most exclusive deals.

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