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Away or Home for Christmas? Top Holiday Safety tips

Top holiday safety tips to reduce the chance you’ll experience any misfortune this season.

Holiday Safety tips

Adding one more thing to your holiday list may not be a welcome suggestion, but keeping these holiday safety tips in mind will help make sure you get through the busy season with your peace of mind, and wallet, intact. Whether you plan to stay home or travel, there’s something for you here on our “Nice list” of safety tips:

Holiday Safety tips

Decorating your home? Check these items off your list:

  1. Keep paths clear: Secure cables and extension cords so they don’t end up in the middle of a walkway. This is especially important when you’re entertaining, or when the kids need to make a quick exit to see if that was really Santa on the roof!
  2. Keep your tree well-watered: If you’ve got a live Christmas tree, don’t let your lovely “Tannenbaum” become a fire hazard, and water it frequently.
  3. Hang delicate tree ornaments high: Make sure little hands and paws can’t reach your most precious and breakable ornaments. Place them strategically out of reach to avoid mishaps.
  4. Use a step ladder (or ladder): Whether you’re trying to reach a storage area or to decorate something difficult to reach, use the right tool. A step ladder or ladder will be much safer than chairs or other furniture.
  5. Be merry and bright: Adding holiday lights to your home, inside and out, is a beloved tradition, but don’t make the common mistake of overlooking safety precautions. Make sure plugs and sockets are in good working order and don’t overload outlets.

Leaving your home alone? Here’s how to be prepared

Holiday Safety tips

  1. Enlist a trustworthy neighbor with your travel dates and share contact information so you can communicate with someone local in the event of an emergency.
  2. Don’t make it obvious that no one’s home: Consider leaving some lights on, even using a timer. Ask a close relative or friend to stop by now and then to check on things. Make a final round as you leave to be sure all doors and windows are securely locked, and if you decide to hide a key, get creative – don’t hide keys under doormats and plant pots or behind pictures in the entryway.
  3. Save the Facebook posts for your return: Don’t broadcast on social media that you’ll be out of town, much less that the entire family will be gone.

Holiday Safety tips

’Tis the season for shopping – and keeping watch.

Avoid last minute shopping, if possible. It just increases the potential for distractions that can put you and your money at risk.

  1. Don’t leave your purse or other purchases and belongings unattended – even in a dressing room when you’re trying on clothing.
  2. When you’re at the register to pay, don’t let your credit or debit card out of your sight, and if you see a cashier trying it out on different machines, don’t hesitate to intercede.
  3. If you shop online, try to schedule deliveries for days and times when you know someone will be home, and/or request a signature on delivery. Once delivered, don’t let boxes stay outside for long.

Holiday Party Time? Save room for these tips:

Holiday Safety tips

  1. If you’re going to enjoy a favorite holiday cocktail, first make plans for a designated driver, or schedule an Uber ride to get you home safely.
  2. Remember the Golden Rule: Alternate drinking 1 glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume and you’ll stay hydrated, and feel better.
  3. Bundle up: When you’re attending more than one event or a party that extends from afternoon to evening, it’s easy to forget a coat or jacket. Keep something warm in your trunk, just in case.
  4. Keep an eye out for the safety of your friends and other guests. You might be the reason they make it home safely. Today it’s them, tomorrow it could be you.

Regardless of your plans, we hope these top holiday safety tips help you and your loved ones stay safe and have an enjoyable holiday season. From all of us at DiversyFund, we wish you a wonderful holiday season, with prosperity and success in the coming New Year!

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