Health and Fitness: A Top Priority For Successful CEO And Top Executives

Let’s identify the most common traits among successful CEO and top executives.

The following are the key characteristics:

  • Visionary: ability to move forward regardless of setbacks and staying true to their vision.
  • Fearlessness: in dealing with challenges and conflict head-on.
  • Students of the “game”: whatever the game (industry) is. The successful CEO aims to stay ahead of the curve through a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Connector: Whether it’s connecting an idea to a plan, bringing the right people to support that plan, or simply connecting the product to the end consumer.
  • Passionate: this one goes without saying, as it’s certainly one of the most common traits of any successful executive

Health and Fitness

Of course, this is a short list, and there are other key factors that play a role in the rise of any over-achieving professional. The one trait we haven’t touched on is perhaps as important as any of the above-mentioned- and that is the “healthy” or “fit” CEO or top executive.

Successful CEOThere is no doubt that a massive shift is- scratch that- has been in full effect when it comes to people caring about the way they look and feel. This shift is even more evident among successful people, and one can easily attribute being healthy to being motivated, driven, positive, and effective in other areas of life.

When you think about it, the typical CEO is essentially in charge of an entire organization. He or she is in charge of its employees, customers, investors, products, and services. That is quite the burden for one individual. That is why executives are finding the direct correlation between staying fit through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. With this tool, they are able to focus and energize in order to keep up with their hectic schedules, travel requirements, and everyday stresses.

These fit CEOs head some of our favorite brands and companies. Nike CEO, Mark Parker and Tom Cook of Apple are both known to be early risers. They hit the gym at 5 AM every morning. Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, is in charge of over 400 companies. However, He doesn’t take a day off from exercising. Richard Branson keeps fit by swimming, Bikram Yoga, running, rock climbing, and weightlifting.


Our very own CEO and founder, Craig Cecilio started his career in health and fitness before launching DiversyFund. Craig’s an avid runner who often heads out during the evenings for a 6-mile run. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring some of Craig’s health tips, exercise regimen, and thoughts on this matter. We’ll ask him how his healthy lifestyle allows him to lead his two companies. Consequently, how this affects his team while staying involved with his investors and other clients.