growth investments

Growth Investments

Growth Investments

Investments designed for long-term capital growth, paying principal and accrued interest at maturity.

Targeting 18% Returns

If your primary investment goal is capital growth and you don’t need current investment income, a growth investment could be right for you. Your investment will accrue a high preferred return that will be paid upon deal maturity. A significant benefit of the preferred return structure is tax deferral, because investors have no taxable income until they receive their payout 18-24 months after they invest. This makes the returns even more attractive for investors in higher tax brackets.


  • High preferred return
  • Tax deferral – no taxable income until returns are paid at maturity
  • Real estate diversifies your investment

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DiversyFund Difference

  • No fees
  • Over 2 decades of real estate
  • Quality projects developed with best-in-class architects and builders

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DiversyFund Granito Property

Granito Drive

High Quality Institutional Grade Investment

  • Location: Hollywood Hills, CA
  • Growth Equity: 18%
  • Investment Term: 24 Months

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