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Getting Started in Investing

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01 Getting Started With Investing

Saving is Good, Investing is Better: When To Know You’re Ready

Think you are ready to invest? This article will help you determine just that. Do you have an emergency fund, have you paid off high-interest debt? Have you taken advantage of your 401(k) and company matching? You are in a good place to start investing once you’ve tackled these items.

Read on here to evaluate your investment readiness.

Always Start With a Plan: Your Personalized Roadmap

In the context of financial planning, the destination is your goals and your Investment Policy Statement (IPS) is the roadmap to get you there. Having an IPS may sound like something for advanced investors, but it’s actually something everyone should create when they think about getting started with investing.

See the 7 steps you can follow to create your personalized investment roadmap.

Work Smarter, Not Harder!

Have a little cash you want to put to work? You’ve come to the right place. Once you are out of debt and are contributing to your retirement accounts, you should be saving more, creating additional streams of income, learning new skills, investing, and even becoming a business partner.

Here are 7 ways to make your money work for you.

How Much Should I Invest?

You’re ready to invest your money and start growing wealth. But how much should you invest? This is an important question and you must factor in your current savings, your age, your risk, and more.

Read on to see if you’re ready to start investing your hard-earned money.

02 The Basics are Covered, On To Alternative Investments

Alternatives for All

Stocks and bonds are not the only investment vehicles out there! From art to coins, farmland to venture capital, natural gas to real estate, alternative investments are becoming more accessible and continue to be a sought after addition to one’s portfolio. So what are alternative investments, why are they important, what are the advantages and drawbacks, and how can you get started?

Continue on to find out…

Defensive Investments Can Protect Your Portfolio

Everyone should make sure a portion of your portfolio is dedicated to defensive investments. This is an important strategy that the 1% use in order to up their wealth game. What is a defensive investment? A defensive investment is one that is meant to protect your portfolio. A defensive investment protects from downturns in the market and other sources of potential loss.

Read about the different types of defensive investments here!

03 Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Can be the Perfect Way to Diversify

Most financial experts agree that diversification in an investment portfolio should not be considered an optional strategy. It is necessary to reduce risk and increase returns. REITs typically show little to no correlation to other markets, like stocks or bonds, meaning that when the stock market shows its volatility, REITs remain unaffected.

Continue on to see how REITs can offer the protection your portfolio needs.

Too. Many. Choices.

Real estate interests you. People make great money in real estate and real estate is a concrete, physical asset. So why not get a slice of the pie? But here come the questions- do I want to be a landlord? Do I want to flip houses? Can I generate income through my current home? Are there passive options out there?

This article is for you if you need help navigating your options!

Diversify and Minimize Volatility

When the stock market goes up one day, and then goes down for the next few days, then up again, and down…you get the picture…that’s what you call stock market volatility. If you don’t have the stomach for it, investing in alternatives is an option you might want to explore.

Read on to see how a Real Estate Investment Trust can be just the answer you’ve been looking for.

Multifamily Real Estate is Secure and In-Demand

For many investors, multifamily real estate investments can prove very lucrative, yielding returns not possible with single-family residential properties. In today’s economy, it would be a mistake to not consider a real estate investment as you seek to create wealth.

See why multifamily is a solid choice and how everyday investors can easily access these deals.

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