Fundrise IPO Over-Subscribed | Crowdfunding Real Estate Hits New Highs

Top platforms make headlines fast as crowdfunding real estate investment platforms quickly take off.

From low investment fees to the new Fundrise self crowdfunding IPO, real estate crowdfunding platforms want you to know something. Investing in real estate is actually really simple.

Crowdfunding real estate platforms aren’t the only ones making waves in the real estate community either. Renowned wellness guru, Deepak Chopra announced his new wellness-centric homes near Miami, Florida recently. Expected to gain popularity quickly, these homes could become available as crowdfunding investment opportunities as demand grows.

Fundrise IPO Interest Continues to Grow

The real estate community rapidly adapts to new trends and the needs of millennial investors as interest in real estate investing grows. Clearly shown in the recent announcement regarding Fundrise’s self-crowdfunding Reg A+ IPO becoming over-subscribed. Their Class B Common Stock originally meant for 2 million investors is now at 3 million investors. Even more so, the interest continues to grow rapidly.Fundrise IPO Over-Subscribed

Fundrise sets out to raise up to $15 million by offering entry fees into their Class B Common Stock as low as $5.00 and expanding the number of shares. Additionally, due to the high demand, the company paused their self-crowdfunding IPO offer. The company was first to set up shop in the United States and has truly transformed itself over the years. Now providing eREITS to investors via Reg A+ and creating a demand for real estate with a totally new type of investor.

More platforms become available to invest as the demand for crowdfunding real estate investments continues to grow. Many offer similar services to each other, yet the quality of the investments stagger. Some outsource, while others keep everything in-house. Additionally, many offer entry requirements as low as $1,000, yet others require more from investors. Investors should read and fully understand before investing, as not all crowdfunding platforms are created equal.

Investing with DiversyFund

While DiversyFund currently offers different investment options than what is available on Fundrise’s platform, we like to think of our investment process as pretty innovative. From start to finish, you feel involved in the real estate development process. You remain updated on your investments with us no matter where you are.

Through our platform, you review our pre-vetted opportunities, market analysis and then hand-select the opportunities to invest. Once you select an investment, just sit back and relax. We will ensure you are updated every step of the way. DiversyFund always reaches out to investors with images, videos and more when construction starts, the foundation is being poured or any other investment update.

Now investors can feel actively involved in their investments and allow our team to handle the property selection, lenders, brokers, contractors and continuous management while you make it a passive investment and watch your money at work. Of course, through our modern crowdfunding investor portal, each investor always remains in the know about their investments.

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