Figuring Out Where to Invest in Real Estate in 2017

When it comes to making investments in real estate, the location of the property generally plays a big factor. With each city’s real estate market varying so greatly, where to invest in real estate can often become the deciding factor in making a great or not so great investment.

For a more in-depth peek inside of where to invest in real estate, Forbes Magazine and Local Market Monitor teamed up to find the best markets across the nation. Furthermore, the team sought out areas, which are projecting an increase in population and jobs. Even more so, areas with at least a 17% increase in home prices by 2020.

Choosing Where to Invest in Real Estate

While Texas and Florida continue to have some of the strongest real estate markets in the United States, many other areas continue to strengthen too. Most notably thowhere to invest in real estateugh, California’s market continues to increase rapidly. With some of the highest job and population growth in the country, California’s market is only expected to continue expanding.

Furthermore, through their data collection and analysis, we can already see how California’s market can continue to flourish. Both Sacramento and San Diego made the top twenty list of where to invest in real estate. Therefore, investors can expect the stable returns with minimal risk to continue well into the future.

California on the Rise

Even more so, within San Diego’s real estate market, we saw a 6% gain last year. With home prices remaining in check with the local median income, California’s future for producing stable real estate investments is strong.

From continued job and population growth to steady increases in the housing market, California’s market is likely to continue growing. This is true for both investors and homebuyers. While homebuyers will enjoy competitive home prices, investors will be able to take part in these exclusive real estate investments.

Through evolutionary real estate crowdfunding platforms, investors can easily invest in some of the top markets available. With immediate access to a wide array of exclusive investments, choosing where to invest in real estate has never been easier.

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