Felspar Investment Update: July 2017

This month’s Felspar investment update reports foundation work nearing completion.

With unit B’s foundation 100% complete and Unit A’s scheduled to pour next week. We had to use some creative thinking to stabilize the existing foundation. This is due to being required to undermine the entire existing foundation for the new larger footings. Now, it can be poured around it in preparation for the addition of a second floor. With the existing foundation held up by custom built pins, the crew can work on it. This allows them to tie the rebar and properly set forms for the new concrete.

Progress Continues on Felspar Street

As we finish the concrete work, our frame developers have started to lay out the hardware and order materials required to build the new structures. The site is shaping up as plumbers and electricians prep for their infrastructure. Additionally, the new retaining wall is complete, which will split the lot, as well as create a grade for each unit.


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