Executive Spotlight | Mike Greiner Joins Panel at Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit | May 28 in Los Angeles

Next month, Mike Greiner, Vice President of DiversyFund, will speak as a panelist at “Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit” on May 28th, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. There he will be discussing the ins and outs of Real Estate Crowdfunding.


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First of all, iGlobal Forum is pleased to host the second annual Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit 2015. Here you will have the opportunity to meet the leading real estate crowdfunding thought leaders and experts, as well as hear them share their perspectives and stories within this amazingly fast-growing industry.

With this interactive panel-driven conference, brings together the new breed of crowd investors and traditional investors, as well as the real estate developers and the crowdfunding marketplaces. Even more so, crowdfunding offers new capital options, new manners to enhance client relationships and new marketing opportunities.

Additionally, it provides expansion into other areas of the world through the emergence of global real estate platforms, which allows developers and investors alike the chance to further capitalize on opportunities. Join us at the Real Estate Crowdfunding Summit on May 28th, 2015 so you can be “in the know” as to how crowdfunding is sure to affect the real estate industry and how you and your organization can best benefit.

Key Topics Will Include:

  • How to determine if crowdfunding is right for me
  • How to determine which crowdfunding platform/marketplace is best
  • What are the realistic expectations for crowdfunding in real estate?
  • How can investors protect themselves in a crowdfunding deal?
  • What do developers really think about crowdfunding?
  • Where are future opportunities for crowdfunding?
  • What legal, tax & regulatory issues are important when entering into a crowdfunded deal?
  • What are the creative partnership structures that can be derived through crowdfunding?
  • How do you market effectively when using crowdfunding platforms?
  • How does the underwriting process work in real estate crowdfunding?

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