Executive Spotlight | Craig Cecilio Joins Panel at REI Expo | Jan 24 in Dallas, TX

Most noteworthy, Craig Cecilio, Founder/CEO of DiversyFund, will speak as a panelist at Real Estate Investors Expo (REI Expo). Furthermore, he will be discussing “The State of US Real Estate Crowdfunding.”

REI Expo

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Even more so, we are excited to start this year off with a bang! As a result, it will be the largest real estate investor conference of 2015. Additionally, the conference will be held January 24-25 in Dallas, TX and is hosted by Victoria Global Holdings with LDJ Capital and The Soho Loft Media Group.

Conference Spotlight

  1. Real Estate Crowdfunding as a New Asset Class
  2. Institutional and Crowd Investors for Real Estate
  3. Strategies for the New Online Realty Capital Financing
  4. The Two Faces of Real Estate Crowdfunding: Debt & Equity
  5. Reshaping the Future of Financing and Real Estate
  6. A New Ecosystem: Innovations in Investor Communities
  7. New Markets: Cultural Shifts and Economic Trends
  8. Crowdfunding Compliance Guidelines

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