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Real Estate Crowdfunding is the fastest growing segment within the crowdfunding industry. News happens fast and the real estate arena is evolving every day. Our online real estate investing resources keep you informed about real estate investment trends and ongoing borrowing guidelines so that you can keep your focus on what matters – Finding the perfect investment property.

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Investment Project Update: Monterey, CA.

For all our Monterey, CA investors. The following is an update on your current investment. December 2016 At Diversyfund, we understand how important it is to receive updates on your current investment projects. We would like to thank you and share with you the latest news about the Monterey, CA project. [caption id="attachment_13236"...

What Is Crowdfunding Real Estate?

Probably the most important innovation in real estate investment in the last few decades is crowdfunding real estate. These platforms have been getting a lot of publicity lately. With sources as large as Bloomberg and Forbes covering the crowdfunding real estate community, what is all the hype about? While you may be familiar with crowdfunding...

The Power of Micro Investors for Real Estate

Many people believe that investing in real estate is a pursuit reserved for the extremely wealthy. However, through crowdfunding real estate investments, you no longer need billions of dollars to start investing in real estate. By becoming a micro investor, more people are finding that smaller investments can bring surprisingly huge returns. There...

Explore New Real Estate Investments

Looking to explore new real estate investments in California with as little as $5000 to get started? Sign up for free here! Since real estate investments are among the safest wealth building asset classes that you can own, it's no wonder you're ready to start investing in them. Some of the hottest markets around the world are experiencing a...

Preferred Equity FAQ’s

Preferred Equity is a type of equity investment in real estate that combines the best of both the debt and equity worlds. While it is subordinate to the debt, it is senior to the common equity and developer’s profit share. Generally, credit risk associated with preferred equity is lower than common equity. Since preferred equity pays out a...

How Does Investment Servicing Work?

The world of investment servicing can become quite confusing. This is especially true is you're new to investing. With so many questions pouring into our investment servicing department, we decided to put together some of the most helpful answers here for you to learn more. Investment Servicing Frequently Asked Questions How does the Operator of...