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The Real Estate Crowdfunding continues to be the fastest growing segment within the crowdfunding industry. Thus, the real estate arena is evolving more every day. Through our online real estate investing resources, you remain informed about the latests real estate investment trends. as well as ongoing borrowing guidelines. Even more so, you can keep your focus on what matters; Finding the perfect investment property.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we know there are plenty of questions to ask about DiversyFund and crowdfunding real estate, we’ve gathered the most common questions asked, so you can obtain the answers you’re looking for with ease..

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While there are many terms to learn, we’ve put together a short list of the meanings of terms associated with real estate investment and crowdfunding, so you can better understand the process as a whole.


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As an ever-evolving platform, there is plenty to stay up to date with when it comes to understanding how real estate crowdfunding investments work.

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Experts come to DiversyFund because they want transparency and the most extensive experience in the industry. Being that Crowdfunding is the most innovative and ever-evolving industry of our times, DiversyFund counts with the knowledge, background and the proper tools to take your investments further. Additionally, our extensive experience in real estate combined with our expertise in asset management, consulting, investment banking, and technology continues to change and shape the real estate industry. Most notably, we are making the investment process simple and accessible, so everyone can start investing today.

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Remember these 3 key elements when you start your investments:

1. First, Start Small and Test the Waters

To begin, new investors are excited! Excitement is AWESOME. However, sometimes when people get excited they trust too easily. Therefore, we suggest that no matter the operator or what you hear, you start small. Furthermore, based on your risk/reward preferences you can begin to build and grow your portfolio to whatever feels comfortable for you.

2. Then, Decide on What Investment Strategy Works For You

Moreover, risk/reward preferences differ from investor to investor. Therefore you need this the first question you should ask yourself is, “am I a passive or active investor”?

3. Finally, Get To Know Your Neighbors

Of course, we all know, investing money in hope of a return can be extremely intimidating. As a result, your skepticism is high for the reward you are seeking. Therefore, you should become involved with the experienced people in the real estate industry.

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