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Don’t Get Shut Out of The Housing Market: An Alternative Way to Invest

Are you feeling shut out of the housing market? Like you just can’t seem to qualify for that loan or find a home worth purchasing for the cost? Well, here is an alternative investment option that gets you into the action quickly and easily. Simply start your search for crowdfunding real estate investments. Then, discover that you don’t need to enter the housing market the traditional way. Instead, you can quickly enter the housing market in an entirely new way.

So, what has happened to the housing market?

No one actually knows when the housing market will settle or come back down. Neither do we know whether or not it will continue with shutting out many first time homebuyers. Fortunately, there are crowdfunding real estate investments. These allow you to invest in real estate at a fraction of the cost required to own a home.

In recent times, the housing market has been virtually shunning first-time buyers from making their first purchase. Averaged at about 1.5 million new homeowners a year, which is below the historical average. The housing market is missing out on the opportunity to gain long-term homeowners ready to buy a home. This leaves a major, and vital, portion of the U.S. population at a loss to ever entering the real estate market.

Where crowdfunding comes into the picture

If you have not been introduced to this most talked-about and fast growing real estate sector, then here is your opportunity. It’s time to understand how crowdfunding real estate works and get involved.

For example, on our platform, we search, analyze and scout out locations for the best real estate investment opportunities available. Once we find the perfect investment and properly vet it, our team will make this offer available to investors. Of course, we will ensure it passes all legal and financial analysis too. At that time, investors can begin investing with as little as $5,000 until the offer is fulfilled. After that, investors can sit back and relax while our team constructs the home and lists it for sale.
*Assuming single family home with 24-month terms in the above example

Currently, there are many platforms offering attractive opportunities for investors. And, with such a simplified process to start investing, investors are finding it easier than ever to enter the real estate market. To start, create an account, browse available investments and start investing when you find one that fits your financial goals. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?

And, with millions of first-time buyers looking forward to buying homes and finding it impossible to do so presently, this method of investing allows you to easily enter the market. Plus, you get to make a profit without all the work!

Crowdfunding benefits investors of all shapes and sizes

Luckily enough, not everyone is turning a blind eye towards these first-time buyers. DiversyFund and other platforms like ours are welcoming these buyers* to invest in the housing market instead. This way you can get into the real estate market. Plus, you can start building the long-term trust you need as a first-time investor.

Since the passing of the JOBS Act, crowdfunding real estate investment platforms can now bring these exclusive real estate deals to investors of all types. With us doing all the work, all you need to do is find an investment that fits your needs.

As an alternative to waiting years and years to buy your first home, crowdfunding at DiversyFund allows you to easily enter the housing market. And, you don’t even have to be a homeowner! With the housing market likely to keep you waiting on your toes for a while, our opportunities are simple to start investing in.

*Currently, DiversyFund can only accept accredited investors, but our Reg A+ Offerings are coming soon to ALL investors.

It’s a safe bet

Real estate continues to prove time and time again to be a quality investment to have in your portfolio. Even more so, crowdfunding real estate allows you to easily add even more properties to it. By having the ability to invest funds across a number of properties, you can lessen the amount of risk involved.
A number of investors, just like you, take these type of investments on. So, whether you are a first-time investor or a seasoned investor, you won’t be alone. Not only will you have other investors alongside you, our team of real estate and financial experts are always available to assist you.

Don’t be discouraged as the housing market shuts out first-time buyers and millions of others. Instead, focus on the opportunities available to you today. Start investing and get the results you’re looking for with our premium real estate investment options.

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