How Donald Trump Will Affect Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments

real estate crowdfunding growthWell, a month has gone by since Donald Trump became President of the United States.
While not too much has changed in our everyday lives, a lot could be changing soon. With the various markets still adjusting to a Trump presidency, much is still unknown. This is especially true when it comes to interest rates and safe investment opportunities.

New President, New Real Estate Investment Opportunities

However, that hasn’t stopped many crowdfunding real estate platforms from hoping for the best when it comes to having a real estate mogul in the White House for the very first time. As Jorge Newbery, from Huffington Post, discovers this first-hand when he interviews major players in crowdfunding real estate about how a Trump presidency could affect the community.

With much optimism about what a Trump presidency could mean for the real estate investment community, there are high hopes. One of these being that investors will shift towards safer and more secure investments, such as crowdfunding real estate. With Dara Albright telling Newbery during their interview:

“Our markets are so destroyed and broken. They don’t work for the small investor, and they don’t work for the small business or the entrepreneur. A Trump presidency will help us return to investing into one another, community investing, peer to peer investing, etc. People have had it with the volatility of the markets, they feel like it’s a rigged system, and I feel that this is an opportunity for our industry to make a difference.”

Since the current markets seem unreachable for many smaller investors, as Albright mentions, it can often feel daunting for investors to even think about risking the loss of their hard earned capital. This is especially true as many experts watch the stock market wave. And even more so, watching the mortgage interest rates slowly creep up to more than 4.6%.

Even though the financial and investment communities are still figuring out where a Trump presidency leaves them, Albright seems pretty positive all will settle. Also, small investors will be better off for it. With a return to smaller and community-based investments as Albright predicts, investors will gain more control. As well as, confidence in their investments.


Optimism Grows in Crowdfunding Real Estate Community

While some still do not know where a Donald Trump presidency leaves us, one thing is for certain. That the real estate investment community has a lot of excitement about a real estate mogul in the Oval Office. With the know-how and knowledge of investing and being profitable in real estate, Donald Trump seems to be looking out for the smaller investors to ensure they too can turn a profit. As we watch this unfold, DiversyFund and, likely, many other crowdfunding real estate platforms will be watching closely.