DiversyFund Joins Collision Conference | May 5 & 6 in Las Vegas

On May 5th and 6th 2015, DiversyFund joins the Collision Conference in Las Vegas, NV. There they will join key influences in the tech community in search of achieving their ultimate goal: disrupting the traditional way of real estate investing.

Joining Industry Leaders at Collision Conference

DiversyFund provides investors the opportunity for a diversified portfolio of high-quality, thoroughly-vetted, real estate investments opportunities. By making the process of investing simple, investors receive a transparent, real-time platform. Additionally, they are able to manage all of their real estate investment needs.

“We want DiversyFund to be the catalyst for investor’s long-term investment goals,” said Craig Cecilio, Founder of DiversyFund. Since launching DiversyFund, they have raised the largest cumulative funding for residential real estate in California. Even more so, all of it was raised by a true crowd: retail investors. And they have successfully accomplished all of our initiatives without additional outside funding.

“We are now opening up to the idea of venture funding to scale operations, boost technology and increase overall market share. It’s a race to see who is going to figure it out first and whoever does will become the leader in the industry,” says Craig Cecilio. He also mentions, “RECF Platforms’ want to become the real estate crowdfunding equivalent to LendingClub or Kickstarter. There are a lot of bright minds in our space right now and it will happen sooner rather than later.”


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Last year over 1,500 attendees joined together to attend and speak at Collision. Many included business leaders from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and the Box. “As we are continuing to leverage technology to make the processing of real estate investing simple and we believe Collision is a great place to start,” says Craig Cecilio.

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