Costebelle Investment Update: July 2017

This month’s Costebelle investment update brings the mechanical trades to substantial completeness!

This is a huge step closer to closing up the walls with drywall and moving into the finish stage.

Progress Continues on Costebelle Way

Mechanical trades are 95% complete for the project. Plumbing HVAC and Electrical are all complete in the main house. Additionally, the accessory structures are also close to the last steps.

Windows and doors were all delivered and installation is beginning on windows, as well as the large door frames. Moreover, we loaded the drywall into the house with a crane (video below). We are staging it for installation as soon as we obtain approval after the combo framing inspection.

Our team is truly excited for the transition of this project into the finishing stage. We also ordered the elegant custom furniture package. At this point, it is all hands on deck as we race toward the finish line.

Talking about decks, the decks were weatherproofed, shower pans were hot-mopped and metal flashing is being applied to the exterior walls as we prep for the house to take its seductive shape.

Take a look at these magnificent pictures to see every detail that is now in place at this amazing property.

Finally, take a quick look at this video showing you more details on the progress of this development.

Costebelle Investment Update: Drywall Preparation from DiversyFund on Vimeo.

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