#Vistage29 Celebrates Vistage Chair, Ozzie Gontang

Once a month, a group of established CEOs, called Vistage 29, come together to brainstorm and help improve each other’s businesses.  Their 8-hour monthly recurring meetings involve sharing their successes, failures, and learning experiences as CEO’s. Each meeting includes a guest speaker that focuses on a specific topic proposed by the Vistage group members. The speaker’s topic is on a certain industry challenge that’s being endured at that point in time. And although industry challenges may differ, solutions have proven to be similar. This holds true to the Vistage mission. Industry challenges such as human resources, operations, marketing and business development are just a few high level topics that speakers discuss as is a way to provide new perspectives for the CEOs. Celebrating with DiversyFund & Ozzie Gontang Vistage 29’s upcoming meeting will be hosted on September 8th 2015 by Craig Cecilio, Founder/CEO of DiversyFund. It will be at DiversyFund’s headquarters […]