Data and Technology – Drivers to Successful Real Estate Investing

Step aside retail investors, there is a new player in the real estate investing town – Big Data. Prior to the tech bubble, it was difficult to find or gain access to information regarding real estate. Unless it was a full-time gig, you needed relationships to gain access to real estate investment opportunities. Even with that information alone, you still needed to drive the property to see if an investment made sense. Completing a comparative analysis of properties a-like was the most effective way for retail investors to make a decision. Post tech bubble; however, this process became rare. During the post-tech bubble in the early 2000’s, revolutionary technologies, such as Google Maps, Redfin, Zillow, and Walk Score, appeared in the world. This became the first major step in shifting the way we invest in real estate. These technologies provided, nearly, instant gratification when seeking answers to questions involving real estate. Faster than […]


DiversyFund Provides Debt / Equity Financing on Point Loma Remodel

Wow! One of DiversyFund’s repeat clients recently completed a stunning Point Loma remodel in San Diego, CA. DiversyFund provided the Debt and Equity financing for the property located at 3221 Byron Street San Diego CA 92106. With the financing covering the purchase, rehabilitation, and resell. As of right now, the stunning property is currently listed at $1,379,000-$1,479,000. It is a 4 bed / 3.5 bath 2,650 SF home. Even more so, you will enjoy endless ocean views and a mid-century feel within the home. One of it’s perks is the large dual master suite downstairs. Since this suite can also be used as a 2nd unit, one can produce extra income. Not only did the Operator do a spectacular job on the renovation, their turn around time was actually 2 months faster than expected. DiversyFund and the investors yielded 12% on the Debt Product and upwards of 40% on the Equity product when the property sold. […]


Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms Seeking Venture Funding Continues

Crowdfunding for Real Estate is heating up and becoming one of the most popular products for venture funding. Just recently, RECF (Real Estate Crowdfunding) Platforms Patch of Land and Realty Shares, simultaneously announced a successful Series A funding on April 4th, 2015.  Other companies, like Fundrise, received Series A funding back in 2014. Realty Mogul is already on to their second round of funding as of March 2015. Institutional and individual investors are beginning to catch on to the potential the industry is projecting. Even more so, they are already actively capitalizing on it. Series A is the first seed funding round for privately held startups, in return for ownership in their company. Usually Series A allows for preferred ownership or anti-dilution provisions in the case of future financing. Why Venture Funding? RECF Platform’s main reasons for seeking additional funding are to scale operations, boost technology and increase overall market share. […]


Regulations Propel RECF Platforms Towards IPOs

After Lending Club’s IPO, it’s no wonder that RECF Platforms (real estate crowdfunding) are becoming more open to the idea of IPO’s. Lending Club had the largest tech IPO in 2014 valued at $5.4 Billion. In the real estate space, Ifunding has already opened shares in return for equity in their company. Based on his own experience, Ifundings CEO, William Skelly predicts that the number of platforms will decrease to three or five. Even more so, that one or more could do an IPO successfully. Skelly says that the most innovative and successful platforms will be the ones backed by larger financial institutions. Thus, lead to an access of public markets for capital. Key Takeaways of Shifting RECF Platforms As any relatively new industry blooms, consolidation is inevitable. Here are some realities to keep in mind given this transition: Real Estate Crowdfunding usually perceived as democratic, but in reality, Title III and Title […]


Investor Interest Propelling $2.5B RECF Market Valuation for 2015

There is a growing divide in the industry between those who are building their business models from a social objective and those who are building from a business objective. From a social objective, some communities are investing in projects within their neighborhoods. They are doing so in hopes of revitalizing communities and promoting gentrification. From a business objective, the best companies offer the opportunity to build wealth in real estate. This is done through innovative technology and access to real estate experts. Either way, there remains an ongoing struggle for platforms to find the best approach to provide value to investors. Furthermore, investors aren’t simply looking for a return on their money, investor’s want access to the best deals. They want to invest in a solid platform that has a proven track record and superior customer service to manage their portfolios. As a result of the real estate downturn, it is […]


Title III of the JOBS Act Creates Freedom for the Average Investor

There are many ways in which Title III of the JOBS Act creates freedom for investors. Through changes in the market, added liquidity, and behavioral transformations, the average investor has the opportunity to invest in any real estate investment. A firm’s involvement can also provide a new level of flexibility and liquidity. This will have a major impact in the market. Thus, creating an opportunity for an entirely new market of buying and selling partial ownership of real estate. Market Shift: Cause & Effect Crowdfunding has established itself and many argue it will further establish itself as the new standard. This is especially true for early startups and financing for businesses. Some estimates give Crowdfunding a potential valuation of $300 Billion of market capital. This capital influx could create major implications for the real estate industry. It will create a new investor class (unaccredited investors will begin to shift away from […]


Real Estate Compliance and Government Adjusted Regulations

Compliance, or a lack thereof, is in some cases, the root of systemic risk in financial ecosystems. Government and Intrastate Regulators continue to adjust rules. So of course, business owners follow suit and grey areas arise as a result of poor implementation. Since the birth of the Real Estate Crowdfunding industry, compliance and regulations continue to be negotiated. So for today, what is and isn’t compliant? For California alone, we will delve deeper into these topics as an Accredited Investor as well as an Investment Firm. Accreditation Thresholds Definition | The Securities and Exchange Commission identifies an Accredited Investor as someone who receives annual income in the previous, current, and expected year of approximately $200K ($300K with joint spouse). Additionally, someone with a net worth of $1MM, not including their residence is considered an accredited investor. 10% of Net Worth | An investor is eligible to invest in any amount of […]


Economies of Scale

What are Economies of Scale? Since the birth of the amendment to the JOBs Act on September 23, 2013, concern for investor security continues to be a trending topic in the media. As the real estate crowdfunding industry’s top influencers highlight the importance of investor security, we are slowly beginning to see an emergence of authentic platforms. The Inevitable Barriers to Entry For early adapters, platforms with previously established backgrounds in real estate investing are becoming industry leaders. More specifically, companies’ success is fueled with track records backed by operational sustainability and scalability. On the other hand, platforms without established business models are falling to skepticism and remain under scrutiny. Adaptability in an Ever-Changing Market There has shown to be a necessary balance for platforms who are chasing markets and investing in what they know best. For those successful platforms, chasing markets require manpower while those who invest in what they […]


CA-Based Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform, DiversyFund, Commences Major Back-end Development

DiversyFund announced that on December 18th, 2014 their new sleek website will be live. The company is a real estate crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors to high-quality pre-vetted real estate investment opportunities. “Thanks to our current users’ feedback, we have launched a yearlong plan through a series of initiatives to optimize the development of the backend user profiles,” said Craig Cecilio, Founder and CEO of DiversyFund. New Investor Portal Features Even more so, the new changes will feature: Personalized portfolio management. Virtual documentation for all invested in offerings which will include closing packages, monthly servicing statements, etc. Live chat to get real time answers for your questions on each offering. Online wiring options to 3rd party escrow accounts. Virtual document signing throughout the life of the each and every investment. Currently, the DiversyFund team is in the final stages of tying up loose ends. Additionally, the website is set to […]


How the SEC Regulation D 506 Has Changed the Industry

Over the past year we have seen real estate crowdfunding unfold into its own animal at an  unprecedented rate. With the SEC Regulation lifting the General Solicitation Ban, private companies can now publicly advertise their investment offerings. Additionally, open fundraising is the catalyst for this past year’s whirlwind of changes. Not only should all companies understand how this affects their business and their competitors, but investors should understand the importance in the development of the Title II of the JOBs Act when vetting investments. The Scope of Public Advertising What has been known over the past 80 years as illegal by the SEC under Rule 506 of Regulation D and Rule 144A of the Securities Act of 1933, is now amended. Under the amendment, companies will be allowed to fundraise investment offerings to a larger audience of people who may or may not be Accredited Investors. General solicitation has created impactful progress […]