5 Crowdfunding Investment Advantages

Although there are many ways to invest for your future, let us go over the many advantages in crowdfunding investments. Everyone agrees that you need to have investment options in order to make sure your retirement will be solvent. Even if you have a great salary you need to not only put away part of it, but also invest it in order to make enough money to retire. Crowdfunding continues to gain strength in a world full of investment choices. It is used for different types of investments, and these have many advantages. Nonetheless, let’s go over the real estate crowdfunding investment advantages. Being that one of the safest investments is real estate, crowdfunding investments include a few advantages like no other. Typically, the value of a property increases over time. However, the cost of a property is a barrier to entering this field for many potential investors. Thus, real […]


How Donald Trump Will Affect Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments

Well, a month has gone by since Donald Trump became President of the United States. While not too much has changed in our everyday lives, a lot could be changing soon. With the various markets still adjusting to a Trump presidency, much is still unknown. This is especially true when it comes to interest rates and safe investment opportunities. New President, New Real Estate Investment Opportunities However, that hasn’t stopped many crowdfunding real estate platforms from hoping for the best when it comes to having a real estate mogul in the White House for the very first time. As Jorge Newbery, from Huffington Post, discovers this first-hand when he interviews major players in crowdfunding real estate about how a Trump presidency could affect the community. With much optimism about what a Trump presidency could mean for the real estate investment community, there are high hopes. One of these being that investors […]


Fundrise IPO Over-Subscribed | Crowdfunding Real Estate Hits New Highs

Top platforms make headlines fast as crowdfunding real estate investment platforms quickly take off. From low investment fees to the new Fundrise self crowdfunding IPO, real estate crowdfunding platforms want you to know something. Investing in real estate is actually really simple. Crowdfunding real estate platforms aren’t the only ones making waves in the real estate community either. Renowned wellness guru, Deepak Chopra announced his new wellness-centric homes near Miami, Florida recently. Expected to gain popularity quickly, these homes could become available as crowdfunding investment opportunities as demand grows. Fundrise IPO Interest Continues to Grow The real estate community rapidly adapts to new trends and the needs of millennial investors as interest in real estate investing grows. Clearly shown in the recent announcement regarding Fundrise’s self-crowdfunding Reg A+ IPO becoming over-subscribed. Their Class B Common Stock originally meant for 2 million investors is now at 3 million investors. Even more so, the interest continues to grow rapidly. Fundrise sets out to raise […]


Deepak Chopra’s Wellness-Centric Homes are Changing The Real Estate Game

Deepak Chopra is a well-known alternative health guru. His expertise in health now brings focus to a new realm of luxury real estate. By teaming up with Property Markets Group and S2 Development, the team plans to create luxury wellness homes. Designed with an individual’s well-being in mind, the team plans to bring you wellness-centric homes. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Chopra stated, “Biological living is the next revolution in real estate. This has been a long time in coming. Sleep patterns, breathing, color, light, movement, spatial flow, sound. These can all change our genome expression in the direction of good health and well-being. The wellness features and technologies that we are designing (into these residences) will enhance both the physical and emotional well-being of the homeowner.” While these wellness homes will first be built north of Miami, Florida, there are plans for more in the future. Plus, the demand for health keeps growing, so many developers will likely […]


Online Real Estate Crowdfunding

Investing in real estate is no longer just for the uber-rich. Thanks to DiversyFund, an online real estate crowdfunding platform, anyone in the United States can take advantage of the lucrative California real estate market. Even if you don’t have any real estate investing experience, we make investing in real estate simple. In order to get started, just set up your free accredited investor account on our website. Then, you will have immediate access to all of our pre-screened offerings. With all of the information you need to make a decision presented to you, there’s no more spending hours on the phone or conducting research. Instead, we give you all the facts and you can be making investments in a matter of minutes. How Does An Online Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Work? Create A Free Account in Minutes By creating an accredited investor account, you can view and fund properties instantly. Plus, there’s […]


What Is Crowdfunding Real Estate?

Probably the most important innovation in real estate investment in the last few decades is crowdfunding real estate. These platforms have been getting a lot of publicity lately. With sources as large as Bloomberg and Forbes covering the crowdfunding real estate community, what is all the hype about? While you may be familiar with crowdfunding from websites such as GoFundMe and Kickstarter, there are also a variety of other ways to use the power of the crowd. Crowdfunding allows a large number of people to contribute small amounts of money to meet an end goal. This has led to excellent results for many people trying to raise money for large projects. Investing in Real Estate Crowdfunding real estate platforms take advantage of this mechanism for the purpose of making real estate investments simple, accessible, and efficient. In the past, real estate investments required very large initial investments. Oftentimes, needing six figures or more. Another barrier […]


Real Estate Crowdfunding Tips

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative opportunity. Until now, the majority of these types of investments were only available to institutional investors and very wealthy ones. However, thanks to new technology and fundraising methods, real estate investing is now accessible to all accredited investors. If you’re exploring the world of crowdfunding real estate investment platforms, the chances are you’re curious about the industry and its best practices. Here are some of the most popular and most important real estate crowdfunding tips to keep in mind during yoru search for the perfect investment opportunity. Vet the Platform As with any investment, it’s necessary to do your due diligence. With this in mind, ensure you find out as much as you can about how the crowdfunding platform operates. You will also want to learn how they handle technical things, such as the underwriting process. Learn the Market Just like any other […]


Preferred Equity FAQ’s

Preferred Equity is a type of equity investment in real estate that combines the best of both the debt and equity worlds. While it is subordinate to the debt, it is senior to the common equity and developer’s profit share. Generally, credit risk associated with preferred equity is lower than common equity. Since preferred equity pays out a deferred return at the time the property sells, there are no monthly cash flow payments to investors. This makes the 18% preferred return investors receive similar to accrued interest. What is the Advantage of Preferred Equity? While there are many advantages to preferred equity, here are a few of the key advantages: Higher returns, more control through direct ownership, more information and transparency, institutionally underwritten high quality investments, no foreclosure expense, and more! Sample Project Scenario Our current project started construction on this week. Located within a gated community in Monterey, California.  During the 10-month construction period, preferred […]


Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

Real estate continues to be understood as one of the highest-quality markets to invest in. However, many experience problems when trying to start investing in real estate. This is due to the investments often requiring a large amount of starting capital. For this reason, many perceive real estate investing as the domain of the hyper-wealthy. As very few people can invest in an extra house or two. Let alone thinking about a piece of real estate such as, an apartment building. In addition to being incredibly expensive, real estate investment in America has also historically required a number of private connections. In his article for Forbes Magazine, Nav Athwal writes, “Under the Securities Act of 1933, private securities investments (including securities of real estate companies) could not be marketed publicly. This means that access to private deals was limited to investors who were able to seek them out through connections in their personal network.” However, […]


What are the Different Types of Real Estate Crowdfunding Websites?

With the explosion of the crowdfunding real estate market, there have emerged various types of marketplaces. They all work in very similar ways to connect investors with new and exciting opportunities. The differences between these real estate crowdfunding websites lies in the fees associated with joining, the yields, risks and growth potential. While each method has its pros and cons, all are great ways to start investing in real estate. With it being such an exciting time to invest in these types of opportunities, the hardest part really should just be finding the right platform to start investing with. Indirect Investing An indirect investing model allows investors to participate by using a Special Purpose Vehicle or SPV, which the crowdfunding firm creates. An SPV helps to isolate potential financial risk. The firm figures out how much money they can contribute to the developer’s funds. After this, they call upon investors to fill […]