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The Lifecycle of a Commercial Real Estate Deal

November 8, 2019

The lifecycle of a commercial real estate deal is a long one with many moving parts to keep in mind. It’s no small undertaking to source, manage, and sell a property on your own. With DiversyFund, you never have to. We do all the hard work for you with our 100% passive investment opportunities.

Below outlines the lifecycle of a commercial real estate deal. More so, it gives investors insight into their investment dollars at work.

Sourcing the Deal

Closing on the Deal

Asset Management

Disposition / Sale of the Property

At DiversyFund, we pride ourselves on providing investors with high-quality investment opportunities. Our investment platform only offers properties that have gone through our strict vetting process and due diligence.

To learn more about the properties in the fund or the Growth REIT offering, visit us here. 

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