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March 19, 2021

The Importance of Hiring Female Leaders

I’ve always surrounded myself with strong, independent women in my life, from my hard-working mother to my loving wife and my three beautiful daughters. Women deserve to be treated as equals, whether that’s in the world or the workplace. 

With March being Women’s History Month, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to discuss why it’s important to hire female leaders in the workplace.  

Help Close the Gender Pay Gap 

The gender pay gap is defined as the average difference in earnings between men and women. Because sadly, yes, even in 2021, research shows that women consistently earn less than men of similar skill sets. One way to combat this problem is by offering leadership roles to women within an organization. This can be extremely helpful in closing the gender pay gap. 

Women Provide Different Perspectives

Having a diverse leadership team brings a variety of experiences and perspectives to the table and can be a key driver to help bring innovation to every area of a business. Fostering a diverse workplace can help push companies to achieve their goals and view the business landscape from a different point of view. 

A Peakon study found that female-led organizations demonstrate greater belief in strategy. A clear strategy is crucial to a company’s success in many ways and can make the difference between wins and failures. 

Women are Great Mentors 

According to a Pew Research survey, 30% of respondents felt that women made better mentors than men, compared to the 5% that felt men were better mentors than women. 

Stacking your leadership “bench” with good mentors will improve company culture throughout the organization at every level. This will help foster a positive work environment where individuals feel confident, empowered, and encouraged to collaborate and ultimately grow in their profession. 

Women leaders are needed now more than ever. It’s critical for organizations to stand up and support and promote women in leadership roles and diversify the workplace. There is nothing holding us back from making the difference that should have been made long ago. 

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