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COVID-19: how does one prepare for a pandemic in the middle of building a startup? Entering 2020, DiversyFund was well positioned to start  our Series B round process. Then the coronavirus came. It came fast. What happened next?

Well, It is times like these that really define the organization’s leadership and sharpen our resilience and grit to get through unforeseen challenges. Fortunately for us, we made a few key decisions that turned out rather well. Early in January, I was thinking about worst case scenarios that could occur. I started thinking, “how do we get through 2020?” That is when the idea came to fruition. What if we went back to our community? So when the pandemic happened, the team agreed that we had to go back to our constituents and ask for their support to propel us forward in 2020. So that is what we did.

We proceeded to keep our foot on the gas and continued to grow. Our whole team aligned and we have put an emphasis on focusing on our strengths while we filled the holes in our weaknesses.

Some key accomplishments from the the first half of 2020 include:

We have hit our stride and we are ready to continue growing.

Here are some our initiatives for the second half of the year:

And yes, there’s still more to come…

This is just 2020! Now imagine what we will accomplish next year. Yeah, you know it and I feel it, explosive growth and massive scale.

Craig Cecilio, CEO and Co-Founder of DiversyFund