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April 30, 2020


By Craig X. Cecilio

There’s one word that describes me the best: Relentless. Whenever life knocks me down, I bounce back harder and stronger. I keep going and I don’t stop until I achieve my goals.

Growing up, my mother called me a “Renaissance Man.” Leonardo da Vinci was such a man. He lived according to the philosophy that man’s potential for growth and improvement knew no limits. He wasn’t “merely” a painter and a sculptor, an inventor, and a scientist. He also worked out, drank wine, and lived life to the fullest extent.

During a recent interview, I was asked to share what my “typical” day looks like. Like many of you, a typical day has been anything but typical for me during quarantine.

  • I begin each day with a cup of coffee followed by a light stretch and three rounds of Wim Hof breathing exercises. At least 2 days per week I go for a morning run. Then I take a shower—one minute of which is with cold water.
  • Now I am ready to look at my to-do list. I prioritize by balancing my present tasks with future tasks. My analyst gives me daily briefings on the company and the economy, which I thoughtfully review.
  • Next, I connect with the people in my life—my family and my employees— to make sure they are starting their day off right. I am married and have three daughters, one of which is a newborn, so my personal life is demanding. I get the pulse on my employees by checking in with at least three of them per day on a personal level. I rotate employees throughout the week. Each Wednesday I address the whole team with our “Wednesday Wins” meeting.
  • The meat of my day consists of business development, strategic planning, meeting with my operations person, holding departmental meetings with staff, and doing radio and TV interviews. At least three afternoons per week I do a rigorous CrossFit workout.
  • My evenings are spent balancing family life with work life. Once the kids are in bed, I am back online working until the day’s tasks are completed. I get to bed about 11 PM and wake up at 6 AM to start the routine all over.
  • To streamline my week, I rely heavily on technology. And to keep a healthy diet, I prepare my weekly meals in advance. 

Why do I follow this routine? Because I want to be the best leader and CEO that I can be. In areas where I am weaker, I have no problem hiring and surrounding myself with people that are smarter than me. Great leaders build great teams. Great teams make great companies. Great companies make great products and services that improve peoples’ lives in a meaningful way. DiversyFund is such a company.

Here at DiversyFund, we are in the business of hope. And we could all use a little hope these days, right?

The rich get richer in economic downturns because they buy at discounts. You see, recessions give them the opportunity to buy alternative investments at temporarily reduced prices. These alternative investments include cashflow positive, tangible assets such as multifamily properties (like apartment complexes). While most Americans are panicking, the wealthy swoop in and buy up even more at even cheaper prices.

Historically, this kind of investing was only available to ultra-high net worth individuals. Until the JOBS Act was passed eight years ago, investing in alternative investments was reserved for Venture Capitalists, Hedge Funds, and Accredited Investors. Most-likely, you are not a member of this elite group. The JumpStart Our Business Startups, or JOBS Act, reduced those limitations, opening them up to YOU—the everyday investor.

I actually created the concept for DiversyFund after the Great Recession of 2008. I cofounded the company in 2016 and launched The DiversyFund Growth REIT. We are making formerly off-limit investments available to everyday investors just like you. You can get started today using our convenient, easy-to-use investment platform for as little as $500. Take it one step further, investing $500 per month, you will build wealth on an exponential level.

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