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Recreating Your User Experience

April 18, 2019

Since our last update, we’ve been busy focusing on making the ultimate user experience for our investors. Taking your feedback and optimizing our processes to develop a portal that delivers a seamless investing experience and provides the information YOU need, right on your dashboard. Not to mention, we’ve been steadily building out our team here at DiversyFund to focus on acquiring exclusive real estate assets and to deliver an online experience like never before. We all agree we are building something special here, so don’t waste any more time, join us at DiversyFund and make the investment of a lifetime.

Enhanced Dashboard, Investment Flow & Added Tools

Info-rich Dashboard

Tools to Tote – Including LIVE CHAT

What’s To Come

We hope you find these updates to be helpful and only enhance your experience with DiversyFund.  We’re always excited to help our investors on their road to financial freedom.  So please, keep investing, even tell you’re friends about us and we will continue to strive to make DiversyFund your premier investor portal.

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