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August 16, 2017

Millennial Investors Are Changing the Real Estate Investment Game

Millennials currently make up one-third of the United State’s population. As they shift into their professional careers, they continue to rapidly change the way we conduct business every day.

Growing-up millennials quickly had more information at their fingertips than the previous generation ever imagined possible. After all, this generation is the first to not recall a time before the Internet. Since technology has always been a part of their lives, many rely heavily on it for just about everything.

While research shows that millennials still hold many of the same values as previous generations, it also shows that most are holding off until later on. From getting married to purchasing a home, millennials just aren’t ready yet. In a time where millennials watched the unemployment rate continue to grow and wages sit at a standstill, most defer major life decisions until feeling fully comfortable.

But, what about investments? Well, research continues to show that millennial investors prefer to save their money where they know it is safe. However, they become willing to invest after carefully researching the opportunity.

Millennial investors - DiversyFund

Changing the Investment Game

With the economic crash, millennials learned how to save, share and ultimately transform the business model. They created many new business models that never existed before along the way. From Uber to Airbnb, millennials made do with the resources available via technology.

This is especially true when looking at the investment community. Whether it’s stocks or real estate, millennial investors quickly reshaped the way this community does business. What was once “hush hush” on the golf course is now chatter on social media, a popular finance blog or some other news platform.

Millennial investors aren’t doing things the way they’ve always been done. Instead, they look for the quickest and smartest way to achieve the end result.

With new apps launching daily to assist individuals in saving, managing and investing their money, many millennial investors don’t meet with financial advisors. Instead, they find the best investment options on their own.

By educating and researching investment options on their way to work or before their next meeting, millennials cut out the middleman. They find exactly what they want, ask the experts online and figure out how to obtain it.

High Mobility, High Tech Millennial Investors

Companies are taking notice! As you continue to see, new mobile applications roll out with immediate support being offered via social media. Industry leaders also provide their most insightful advice through the world wide web. These investment companies realize millennial investors have vastly different needs from previous generations and continue to adapt.

From stock options as low as $5 to crowdfunding real estate investments with $1,000 minimums, the investment community swiftly changed to a high tech and high mobility atmosphere. Ultimately, to meet the many needs of millennial investors.

In fact, many investment opportunities available in today’s market simply didn’t exist ten or even five years ago. A prime example of this is crowdfunding real estate investments. Prior to its existence, you had to have quite the financial profile and real estate know-how to see a return on your investment.

A New Era of Real Estate Investing

Today, that is simply not the case. With the demand for easy, safe and convenient investment opportunities, the real estate investment community transformed. Now allowing all types of investors to easily expand their portfolio into real estate.

By combining years of investing and real estate development experience, crowdfunding real estate investment platforms make it simple to start investing in real estate today.

With the power of the crowd and technology, these platforms rapidly opened up new doors of opportunity. Through these platforms, millennials can easily browse new investment opportunities at their convenience. Thus, allowing them to choose an opportunity that suits their needs best.

While there are a wide array of crowdfunding real estate investment platforms available, you must remember that not all platforms are the same. Of course, millennials already know this and will undoubtedly find the most reliable and transparent company to invest with. Just in case, though, make sure you do your research.

Crowdfunding Real Estate Investing At Its Finest

There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to investing in real estate via crowdfunding. From minimums as low as $2,500 to allowing non-accredited investors to take part in the profit shares, the opportunities are plentiful.

However, be careful, as we mentioned before. Many of these companies seem appealing at first, outsource the majority of their work. Even more so, they likely never see the job site. It’s essential that you know what companies are in it for the long haul alongside you and which are not.

Here at DiversyFund, our investment and development teams remain involved throughout the entire investment. Additionally, you are always kept up to date with images, videos and more. To get started, simply sign up for a free account and find your next investment today.

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