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Investor Growth & Growing Account Team

March 23, 2018

Growing Sales Team

In 2017, DiversyFund had many successes and achievements. We surpassed $100 million in completed value in commercial and residential real estate developments. Additionally, the public and media continue to recognize our unique approach to alternative investing. For example, our CEO & Founder, Craig Cecilio, was featured on the New York Stock Exchange’s Cheddar TV, Bloomberg Radio and US News & World Report. As we continue to establish ourselves as a leader and disruptor in the real estate development industry, we are also seeing impressive investor growth. With investor growth comes staff growth to manage increases in investments and demand. Recently, we hired two new Account Representatives, Adriana Escobedo, and Abraham Karr. Additionally, we hired a Director of Marketing, Vanessa Allen. To learn more about them, please read on.

New Account Representatives

Adriana Escobedo

Sales Experience: Prior to working at DiversyFund, I worked in the medical tourism industry. Our company had people from the U.S. and Canada travel to Mexico with board-certified surgeons. I also worked as a sales associate at J. Crew during my time in college.

What do you like so far: I like that there is a strong sense of teamwork within the company as well as upper management. I am definitely learning a lot from everyone here. IGrowing Sales Teamt’s also exciting to be part of something so innovative and disruptive.

What excites you about talking to our investors about DiversyFund?

The fact that we’re making investments in real estate a possibility for everyone. Something that was previously not within reach of the everyday investor. Additionally, we are doing it in such an innovative and unique manner, it has been a pretty awesome experience so far working here.

Do you have previous Investing Experience? Prior to working here, I have had no experience working in real estate or investing. However, I am definitely learning a lot from everyone in the office as well as upper management. Our Director of Sales, Sean has also been a great mentor to learn more about how I can improve our investor’s experience.

Goals here at DiversyFund: To learn from everyone on the team and help grow and scale the company to eventually become the Amazon of real estate crowdfunding.

Hobbies: I love spending time with my family. I also enjoy a delightful book and a nice cup of tea

Hometown: Tijuana, Mexico.

What’s one thing about you that surprises people? When I was 20, my best friend and I won a contest for a Mexican airline called Volaris. We won unlimited free flights all over Mexico and the U.S. for a year. To say it was an awesome experience to be able to travel the US and Mexico for free for an entire year.

Favorite place to travel to? Anywhere new.

Favorite book? Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Anything that you are excited about coming in 2018? Started a new job at here at DiversyFund!

Abraham Karr 

Sales Experience: Previously, I was an Account Rep for Mortgage Service Products. Similar to my position here at DiversyFund I would add value to the broker client base thorough knowledge of our products, services and underwriting guidelines. I would answer any client questions and respond to loan status inquiries during processing. What do you like so far: I enjoy being able to help our investors with answering any questions or concerns that they might have. I also like describing some of our investment offerings to them because of the fact that they are so exciting and modern. I can’t wait till later this year when I can invest in our offerings my self as well as see the maturity of some of our investments.

What excites you about talking to our investors about DiversyFund?Growing Sales Team

I enjoy again answering any questions or concerns as well as learning about their investment background. Listening to their stories and experiences have also helped me learn as well on how to improve our investor experience.

Do you have previous Investing Experience?: I have experience in real estate as I was previously an Account Rep selling Mortgage Service Products.

Goals here at DiversyFund: To increase the number of investors in Park and Granito. My goal is to also ensure that every one of our investors has the best investing experience with us at DiversyFund

Hobbies: I enjoy being outdoors, exercising and just being active overall in general.

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Favorite place to travel to? Europe

Favorite book? The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill

Anything that you are excited about coming in 2018? Getting to see the completion of the Costebelle home and achieve my goals here with DiversyFund.

Vanessa Allen, Director of Marketing

Previous Experience if Relevant: I’ve worked for companies in many different industries, from sporting goods to window treatments, office supplies to gourmet food gifts, international travel programs to SaaS technology platforms. In all of these roles, I headed up marketing programs that grew awareness about the company and its products or services and fostered engagement and loyalty with customers. I enjoy creating marketing programs that enlighten consumers about a solution to a problem, or a new way to achieve something that matters to them.Growing Sales Team

Sales Experience: When marketing and sales teams work in tandem, we’re more effective at engaging our customers for the benefit of all – especially for creating a positive customer experience. It’s a relationship I always strive to develop.

What do you like so far: I like contributing to something big! I’m lucky to be joining a team that already has momentum and now we have the opportunity to really scale up our reach and impact.

What excites you about talking to our investors about DiversyFund? On the marketing side of the team, I won’t often talk directly to our investors, but I get to “listen” to them through our social media channels, seeing what they like and respond to. It’s great to have channels for immediate feedback.

Real Estate/Investing Experience?: I’m a homeowner, and that’s the biggest real estate investment I’ve made so far, and I’m glad I did!

Goals here at DiversyFund: My goals include reaching out to as many potential investors as possible and to help convince them to trust DiversyFund with their investment dollars.

Hobbies: I try to be active and I practice yoga, swim, and hike. I also love to read and have recently started to listen to audiobooks on my hikes – two birds with one stone!

Hometown: La Mesa, CA.

What’s one thing about you that surprises people? Gingerbread cookies. It’s not Christmas without them! I bake them every year, and my friends and family look forward to them. Whenever I meet someone who thinks gingerbread is icky, I try to convince them to try a bite of one of my cookies. I love it when they are pleasantly surprised at how good they are. I use a recipe that’s been handed down through many generations of my family.

Favorite place to travel to? Haiti. I visited Haiti in 2000 with friends and in support of a non-profit organization that provides education and development in a rural town on the southern peninsula. I’ve traveled there as often as possible ever since, and it’s become a second home. I’ve made wonderful friends there who are like family now – and I still support the same organization, as well as others.

Favorite book? The one I just finished. Seriously, there’s too many to pick one. But a recent standout: The Woman Who Lost Her Soul, by Bob Shacochis. (Don’t worry, it’s fiction, not instruction!) I’d read it again if I didn’t have a stack of new books to tackle.

Anything that you are excited about coming in 2018? Our Reg A+ investment offering!





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