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Infographic: The Power of Alternative Assets

February 4, 2021

Creating and maintaining wealth is not a secret —it’s a science. Alternative investing is an investment strategy that’s been used by the 1% for a long time to grow and maintain generational wealth. When markets are down, investing in alternatives like real estate or commodities will potentially allow you to reduce the highs and lows your investment portfolio may experience. Diversifying your portfolio with alternative assets provides peace of mind when everyone is running around talking about the latest dips of the S&P 500.

Correlating everything to the stock market means you run a big risk if there’s a downturn in that market. But you also want to be sure you have correlated assets, so you can see the benefits when the market performs well. Then you have the best of both worlds and give yourself a better chance at long-term returns. Check out this infographic for a quick look at the most common types of alternative assets used in portfolio diversification.

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