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How to begin in real estate

March 12, 2018

The Average Joe, Where to Begin?

If you wanted to start investing in real estate, how would you do it? Would you drive around your local neighborhoods looking for homes to flip? Would you call a financial advisor to lock away a lump sum in a REIT? Chances are you probably don’t know where to start, and that’s because the typical investor has never had a straightforward way to participate in real estate investments.

Craig Cecilio and Alan Lewis have almost 40 years of combined real estate experience. With backgrounds in residential real estate and investment banking, respectively, they bring with them the knowledge needed to be successful in the real estate world. Throughout their careers, they both realized that the dilemma of getting started in real estate investing is commonplace among the retail investor, as there has never been an easy way to gain access to quality alternative asset investments.

Breaking Down Barriers


For too long, the archaic process of real estate investing was limited only to the well-connected and privileged few. Getting in on a good real estate deal required overhearing a whisper at a cocktail party or playing with the right foursome on a golf course. It required a seven-figure bank account and a Rolodex of lawyers, architects, developers, and brokers. Beyond that, without the patience and expertise of a seasoned veteran to parse through markets, the chances of finding a profitable deal were slim to none. Craig and Alan both agreed on access to these investments needed to change, as all investors should have access to quality real estate investments. From this belief, they built DiversyFund.

DiversyFund’s online crowdfunding platform gives the Average Joe the opportunity to participate in the same high-caliber investments as the wealthy and well-connected — all from an online platform that brings the investments to you.



DiversyFund’s Team of Experts

Craig, Alan and the DiversyFund team have leveraged their expertise in the real estate industry to change the real estate investing world. Each project is vetted by our experienced team and managed in-house, giving investors transparency from start to finish. DiversyFund also works with trusted and proven architects to design the project and oversee its construction, and selects top-quality brokers to see the project through final sale.

Other real estate crowdfunding platforms act as a middle-man. They take investors’ money, give it to a developer and charge you a fee for investing. Other options like REITs involve high fees and low transparency. Not DiversyFund. The company does not make a dime until its investors do. And with low minimums, no-fee opportunities, access to real estate investments has never been easier. Craig and Alan both wanted to give the Average Joe the opportunity to invest. They wanted to change the world of real estate.

That change has come.

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