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How Tech Changed Real Estate Investing

January 25, 2019

Technology is an ever-evolving mechanism allowing the world of real estate investing to become more accessible. With technological advances, we’ve seen the evolution of an industry that was once very timely, costly, and exclusive open itself up to the everyday investor.

Read on to see the role tech has played in putting real estate into the hands of everyday investors.

It All Started In 2012

In April 2012, Former President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act into law. Title IV of the JOBs Act allows non-accredited investors to invest through crowdfunding in equity offerings. In other words, capital could now be raised quicker and more people are able to participate in these offerings. *Cue in crowdfunded real estate platforms like DiversyFund*


The JOBs Act opened the door for more people than ever to access institutional-grade real estate investments. The new era of real estate investing is less about who you know and more about finding the right partner to invest with. Now that companies are able to raise capital via aggregated funds, there are many offerings to choose from and most investments can be done in one simple, online transaction.

Tech Brings Reduced Costs

Technology allows for processes to be streamlined and completed quicker than ever. This is especially true when investing in real estate through an online platform. With platforms like DiversyFund’s, investors save big on fees that most real estate investors have traditionally paid. With DiversyFund, our investors pay no platform fees and no middleman fees. This is because we have no middlemen. DiversyFund owns and manages all of our own assets, saving investors money.

In addition to no fees, we’re able to bring low investment minimums to all. The DiversyFund Growth REIT is open to all investors, accredited or not, and has a low minimum of $2,500. Our mission is to bring wealth to the 99%, not keep it in the hands of the same 1% who has always dominated the market.

Investing On Autopilot

Tech advancements allow investors to be more passive than ever. This is because everything can now be accessed through online dashboards and portals that track investments. With one investment into our Growth REIT, you are immediately a co-owner in a diversified portfolio of real estate assets. From here, you are virtually hands-free. Our sophisticated platform gives investors visibility into projects and allows you to track your returns.

Smarter Investment Choices

At DiversyFund, we pride ourselves on being forward-thinking and tech-savvy. Using data and algorithms to determine the best properties with the most potential for appreciation is a top priority of ours. Our team of real estate experts use current data to determine top quality multi-family units based on location, the condition of a specific real estate market, general economic conditions, and more.

Times have changed- and for the better! In the old days of real estate investing, you not only needed much more initial capital, but you also needed to do much of the heavy-lifting on your own. If you’re ready to passively invest in real estate and start building wealth, contact us today!

To learn more about the DiversyFund Growth REIT, visit us here.

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