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Announcing the Give $100 – Get $100 Referral Program

October 29, 2021

We’ve got some exciting news for new and existing investors with DiversyFund. Starting this month, we’re rolling out the Give $100 — Get $100 Referral Program that makes it easy – and rewarding – to introduce your friends and family to investing in real estate. For every referral that signs up and completes an initial investment (of a minimum $500) to their account, we’ll make a $100 bonus investment to both of your accounts. All you need to earn this bonus is an open account with an initial investment made.

At DiversyFund, we believe that real estate investing should be attainable and simple for everyone – not just the wealthy. We’ve created our funds with that in mind. With your investment, you can:

…all without needing millions in the bank or a broker on retainer. Our team of real estate and investment professionals does all the work from researching, buying, and managing properties to accomplishing value-add renovations and upgrades, increasing your potential returns. The wealthy have been doing it for decades, and now it’s your turn.

So, head to your dashboard and grab your unique code to send to your contact list. That’s really all it takes.


Terms and Conditions

Eligibility: DiversyFund account holders who use their unique link to refer new investors to open and fund a new account.

Eligible account holders will receive a $100 bonus investment to their account when a referred new investor opens an account and makes a new investment (minimum $500) in the Growth REIT II fund. New investors must be verified, and DiversyFund reserves the right to verify investor status on the platform. Bonus investments will be made after the new investor account is opened and funded.

Referrers must have an active, funded account (with a qualified investment) before bonus investment(s) can be credited to the account. Bonus investments may take up to 8 days to show as fully invested. Offers cannot be combined. This offer is limited to the first 50 qualifying referrals, after which the offer is void. All eligibility is determined solely at DiversyFund’s discretion.

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