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February 27, 2019

DiversyFund Gets A Facelift

Over the last few months here at DiversyFund we’ve been working hard to bring the best user experience to our investors.  It’s been a long road, but we’ve given our website a facelift and optimized our customer journey! As the Director of Product Development I made it a point to make this my focus – hiring a team to revamp our website and give our users the opportunity to seamlessly move about our website and platform. We’ve heard you and we are taking measures to give the people what they want!  With feedback from our support and client services team we were able to hone in on the features and functionality that our users wanted most.

Feature Rich & Optimized for the User

Navigation across the website made much more user-friendly

  • We’ve mapped out the site to make your access to our features easier – THIS MEANS LESS CLICKS to access the information and features you look for most on our website.

Added Resources and Content

  • You should never go into an investment not knowing – we realized we could provide more content and resources to our users to help them make more educated investment decisions. You’ll find a dedicated page for our Growth REIT investment with pertinent information you’ll need ahead of investing. We’ve also added a Portfolio, so you can view all of our current and past investments in detail. Additionally, our Historic Performance page will give you information on our past successes and what to expect from your future investments.

What’s To Come

We’re not stopping there

  • Redesign of the portal is underway! You can expect to see a whole facelift across your portal starting with the Dashboard. You will find all the information about past investments at your fingertips – displayed to provide you the optimal amount of wealth building insight!
  • We have additional new and exciting features in queue including the ability to schedule automated investments and give multiple users access to your secure investor portal in the event you’d like to give your financial advisor, asset manager or loved one access to your wealth building portfolio.

As always, we encourage feedback from our current investors and all future investors for us to optimize our platform and your overall experience.

We will continue to strive to make DiversyFund your premier investor portal.