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DiversyFund Success In 2017 & The Income Fund Anniversary

February 16, 2018

Stunning Projects & Value Growth

DiversyFund, a crowdfunding real estate investment platform, continues to establish itself as a leader and disruptor in the real estate development industry. Now that 2018 is well underway, we are eager to recap 2017. To start off, all of our projects that are under development and near completion have a completed value of over $100 million. Furthermore, we are witnessing an impressive investor growth. Most notably, DiversyFund will celebrate the 5-year anniversary of The Income Fund, a Multi-Property Investment Opportunity in March. Are you interested in learning more about our investment opportunities? Read below to learn more in detail.

A Recap of 2017

“We set the bar high for 2017. These accomplishments highlight the success we achieved this year. Not only have we completed incredible real estate developments through crowdfunding, we’ve earned our investors great returns with zero principal loss” says Craig Cecilio, CEO & Founder of DiversyFund. “Our easy-to-use platform and the experienced in-house team is ready to provide even greater service to our rapidly growing investor base in 2018.”

2018 Investment Forecast

DiversyFund’s Income Fund ended 2017 with an excellent rate of return. Currently, we are looking ahead to the end of quarter one in 2018 with an expectation that the annualized returns will be just as strong. Coincidentally, March 2018 brings the 5-year anniversary of the Income Fund Multi-Property Income Fund Investment Opportunity. The Income Fund is a NO FEE real estate debt fund. Debt investments are defined as when the investor becomes the lender to the entity sponsoring the real estate deal. Furthermore, each investor receives a fixed rate of return. DiversyFund calculates this via the interest rate on the loan and how much the investor invests in the project. Overall, this type of investment leaves the investor with priority when it comes to obtaining a payout from the deal. The Fund pays quarterly distributions to investors.

Income Fund’s Historical Success

Since the Income Fund’s launch in 2013, through the end of December 2017, the Fund has returned 11.5%, annualized. This might meet your needs if you’re looking for high current income and can commit the money for at least 24 months. The Fund invests in properties on DiveresyFund’s platform. This means that the investments are carefully analyzed to meet our strict underwriting standards. Additionally, the loans are secured by the underlying real estate. The Fund has been around for almost 5 years and has never lost any investor principal.

“DiversyFund has made great strides in 2017 as leaders in the crowdfunding space” states Alan Lewis, CIO at DiversyFund. “We are well positioned heading into 2018 and are looking forward to making real estate investing even more accessible. Everyone can reap the benefits of investing in alternative assets.”

The Future for DiversyFund

To conclude, it was an exciting and prosperous year in 2017 for DiversyFund and the Income Fund. In case you need a recap, DiversyFund is a real estate crowdfunding platform, that allows investors to directly fund the development of commercial and residential real estate projects. DiversyFund seeks to deliver returns via its self-managed real estate developments, overseen by a veteran team of real estate professionals. Currently, DiversyFund has a completed value of over $100 million in its projects. Furthermore, DiversyFund’s offerings are open to anyone who can meet the required minimum investment. To date, DiversyFund has yet to lose any investor principal and 65% of investors choose to reinvest.

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