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DiversyFund sees Rapid Growth Amid Global Pandemic

September 23, 2020

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 23, 2020  — DiversyFund, a tech-enabled investment platform providing wealth-building tools to non-accredited investors, has undergone a period of significant growth in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The fintech firm, whose mission is to democratize investing in alternatives by providing investment access for all, saw a sharp increase in customers this year, surpassing the 13,350 mark. DiversyFund has responded to this growth by expanding internally, recruiting two new senior leadership positions from top talent across the alternative investment space, and by launching new features and services.

This period of rapid growth has been spurred by an increased interest from consumers in using online investment technology throughout 2020, showing that everyday American investors feel the urgency of achieving financial security—now more than ever.

Craig Cecilio, CEO of DiversyFund comments, “During times of heightened economic uncertainty, wealth gaps increase, so it’s no surprise that we’ve seen such interest in our investor-first, wealth-building platform. The everyday consumer is seeing the year 2020 — a time when political, social, and economic unrest is converging — as a crucial moment to build long-term wealth.  The 99% are demanding access to high-quality investments and the ability to attain financial freedom.”

To maintain momentum during this pivotal time, DiversyFund has recruited a range of top talent from the alternative investment sector including two new senior leadership positions. Isaac Dixon joins as VP of Development and Van Vogel joins as EVP of Real Estate. The newly bolstered team will be instrumental in spearheading future company growth, helping DiversyFund leverage technology to continue to close the wealth gap in America. There have been eight other new hires across the business in recent months.

DiversyFund is also meeting this period of growth by expanding its platform and rolling out new services. This month, DiversyFund is launching its first free course with the aim of informing, educating, and empowering its community of everyday investors to take control of their financial futures. Other new features due to launch later this year include real time investment portfolio performance monitoring tools.

Cecilio adds, “Now is the time to truly democratize investing through technology. With our bolstered team and new features, we’re providing accessible financial education for all, while working towards our core mission – closing the wealth gap. Technology is at the core of equalizing investing, so we are constantly developing our capabilities to enable our community to invest like the 1%. By expanding our team of industry experts, we’ll be able to supercharge our growth to meet rising market demand.”

Launched in 2016, DiversyFund currently has $25M in AUM and approximately $75M in real estate assets under management.

DiversyFund is a financial technology company providing an alternative investing platform, created by CEO Craig Cecilio and CIO Alan Lewis, to be accessible to all. DiversyFund works with the everyday investor to educate them on making the best investment decisions for their portfolio and investment goals. The fund currently has $25M in AUM and approximately $75M in real estate assets under management. For more information, visit

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