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Why Invest with DiversyFund?

February 10, 2022

The investment landscape is crowded with a multitude of options when it comes to setting up a balanced portfolio for potential growth. Most of us are familiar with stocks and bonds, and 401(K) plans are often part of a well-rounded employment package. Looking further, investment opportunities include investing in alternative assets, such as works of art and even real estate.

An amendment to the Jobs Act in 2015 made it possible for investment companies to offer portfolio diversification to everyone — even non-accredited investors. That’s where DiversyFund comes in. But why choose our fund?


We’ve built a team of real estate professionals, technology experts, and finance specialists that are driven to bring wealth-building opportunities to every investor, no matter the budget or the end goal. Our public, non-traded Growth REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is open to all and makes it easy for even novice investors to begin investing in real estate — with as little as $500. 


At DiversyFund, we’ve implemented a value-add strategy when we research and vet properties. We vet and acquire existing multifamily properties (of 100 units or more) that show strong potential for growth. Once purchased, the properties are renovated to allow for increased property values. At the end of the approximately 5-year cycle, the properties are sold and profits are distributed.


We undergo struct annual audits as an SEC-qualified investment company and file regular supplements. This public oversight provides peace of mind to our investors. Grow your potential wealth with an extra level of security.

Vertically Integrated

DiversyFund owns and manages all of the properties in the Growth REIT portfolio, eliminating layers of middlemen and the potential problems that can arise from blind ownership. Eyes-on, hands-on property management ensures funds are being utilized correctly and budgets maintained.


Desktop, mobile, or even tablet — it’s easy to access your dashboard with DiversyFund. Monitor your investment, sign up for Auto-Invest to take the time out of meeting your investment goals, or see the latest property updates from one easy-to-access app.

Ready to get started investing in real estate? Click here to get started diversifying your portfolio with DiversyFund.

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