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February 1, 2017

Deepak Chopra’s Wellness-Centric Homes are Changing The Real Estate Game

Deepak Chopra: Wellness-Centric Homes

Deepak Chopra is a well-known alternative health guru. His expertise in health now brings focus to a new realm of luxury real estate.

By teaming up with Property Markets Group and S2 Development, the team plans to create luxury wellness homes. Designed with an individual’s well-being in mind, the team plans to bring you wellness-centric homes.

In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Chopra stated, “Biological living is the next revolution in real estate. This has been a long time coming. Sleep patterns, breathing, color, light, movement, spatial flow, sound. These can all change our genome expression in the direction of good health and well-being. The wellness features and technologies that we are designing (into these residences) will enhance both the physical and emotional well-being of the homeowner.”

While these wellness homes will first be built north of Miami, Florida, there are plans for more in the future. Plus, the demand for health keeps growing, so many developers will likely begin to mimic Chopra’s new homes. As we can see with Chopra’s wellness homes currently selling at a rapid pace.

What can you do to be part of these wellness-centric homes?

When owning a luxury condo isn’t what you want, you can enjoy a slice of the pie with crowdfunding real estate investments. By having the reward of both high returns and low risks, you can enjoy luxury and build wealth along the way.

While DiversyFund predicts that these wellness-centric homes will gain popularity fast and be highly desired houses for the rich, it is likely they won’t be available to investors in the near future. However, there are plenty of unique investment opportunities available right now that offer a solid return on your investment.

Think about it, the deals we offer to investors are pre-qualified by our investment and development teams. After pre-vetting and performing a detailed market analysis, we provide you with an amazing investment opportunity. With low entry minimums and our own skin in the game, you can easily start investing in real estate today.

With these new wellness-centric homes on the market, it’s no wonder the interest of our team continues to grow. Of course, we want to bring these homes to you as investment opportunities. With a chance to offer these wellness homes, you can expect DiversyFund to be looking at opportunities to bring these homes to their investors. Sign up for free and get instantly notified when a new crowdfunding real estate opportunity becomes available.

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