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Commemorating Freedom Day

June 19, 2020

We will be closing our doors on June 19th in honor of Juneteenth (also known as Freedom Day, Jubilee Day, Juneteenth Independence Day, Emancipation Day). This will become an official company  holiday for our employees to educate, volunteer, celebrate, and reflect on the significance of this moment in Black history. We encourage those in our community who can to do the same. 

It’s amazing to watch our leadership team step up and use this opportunity to learn and grow, and to reconsider how our policies advocate for racial equity and social justice. We know that money equals power and power can affect change. The biggest impact we can make in our field is to ensure that everyone has a chance to create wealth and build a future free from inequality. 

Yes, this is our first public step in talking about and addressing racism, but I believe it is the first of many steps forward. The work is not pretty. It’s not easy. But we stand in the middle of the greatest civil rights movement of our lifetimes.

I’m committed to adopting a learner mindset, and I will use my voice, privilege, and platform to deepen DiversyFund’s commitment to inclusion. Our team is working to identify ways to create lasting, meaningful change in every aspect of our work. Our goal is, and continues to be, making building wealth  equitable. I hope that by the end of 2020 we can look back on the work we’ve started to begin to dismantle racism and see progress. We intend to continually strategize  plans to continue fighting for social justice. The biggest change will not happen only on an individual level, but on the systemic level as well, where Black Americans have equitable access to wealth creation. 

I appreciate the work that is being done. It’s not easy or comfortable, but it is important. We have to continue to fight and demand freedom from systemic racism. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from injustice. Freedom from financial inequalities. Freedom from glass ceilings. 
I encourage you to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday by learning more about the history of racial injustice in America, participating in local and virtual celebrations and continuing the conversations with your children, families, coworkers, and policy makers.

Craig Cecilio, CEO and Co-Founder of DiversyFund

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