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March 10, 2020

Challenging “The Trinity” of Wealth in 2020

March 10, 2020

by Craig X. Cecilio

I am thrilled to report that the DiversyFund flywheel started spinning last year and the velocity is exponentially increasing this year! We achieved what we set out to do with the launch of our innovative platform and we are scaling in 2020.

While we were founded in 2016, the DiversyFund vision truly became a reality on June 17, 2019. After years of perseverance, determination, and hard work, we made it possible for the everyday investor to build real wealth. Our team accomplished what many have said was impossible. How? By aligning vision, strategy, tech, compliance, opportunity and best practices on a revolutionary new platform: DiversyFund.

We’ve broken down the barriers between Wall Street and Main Street. With DiversyFund, the general public now has access to the same quality of services as the “trinity of wealth.” (I will be telling you more about this powerful alliance of institutions, family offices and hedge funds in an upcoming article.

Technology Takes the lead

Our tech development is well established in the first quarter of 2020. Our mobile integration, auto deposit features, IRA integration, data integrations and business intelligence systems all up and running and being optimized.

We are launching our first MVP mobile application this year. Our team is designing and researching new tech enablement options to further the customer experience. We are poised to become the leader in the investment technology space.

Customer Experience

Our goal this year is to build out a self-serve customer support platform that will: 

We rely on our technology, content, and community to build our customer experience instead of outdated sales teams and call centers.

Building the Community

Since June 17, 2019 we’ve had over 2,300 new investors sign up on our platform. Over the next two to three years, our plan is to build a community of over 100,000 investors.

Recently, Robinhood crossed the 10 million mark for customers with about $900 million of capital invested in the company. Once we achieve 100,000 customers, we will be introducing other wealth building alternative investments that traditionally have been reserved for Venture Capitalists, Hedge Funds, Family Offices and Accredited Investors.

Time to Scale, a Look ahead to 2020

As we continue through 2020, we will continue to focus on building our community and purchasing assets.

The fintech space has seen significant activity from the venture capital world, with many of our competitors having raised amounts ranging from $20 million to $1 billion. Venture capital firms will likely be pressing for liquidity events in the years ahead and we expect to see both IPO activity and acquisition activity in the space.

We are already seeing some acquisition activity in the industry between large and smaller platforms. We also believe that many traditional institutional investment managers and sponsors will begin considering acquiring a platform like DiversyFund in the years ahead once they realize that online capital raising is a viable means to raise large amounts of investment capital.  

Continued Support

On behalf of the DiversyFund team, I thank each and every customer for allowing us to serve you. I am grateful for our stakeholders—for your support and enthusiasm in helping us change the way wealth is created among the everyday investor. It is with your continued support that we will drive and achieve our initiatives for 2020.

Craig X. Cecilio is the CEO and Founder of DiversyFund, Husband, and Father to three daughters. Craig’s mission is to break down the barriers that keep most Americans from investing like the wealthiest 1%. 

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