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Achieve Your New Year’s Financial Resolutions with Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments

January 4, 2018

Starting the New Year with new Financial Resolutions? So are we!

financial resolutions

When January comes, we welcome the new year with feelings of hope and the anticipation of new adventures. We also establish goals to improve ourselves during the new year. Many people set goals for their fitness, eating habits and personal growth. Many of us also set financial resolutions and goals to achieve during the new year.

Improving your financial habits includes several elements, including budgeting, building a strong savings account, paying off debt, investing for the future and planning for retirement. Investing for the future is one of the things we know best at DiversyFund, so we’d like to give you a hand with this new year’s resolution.

One way to improve your financial picture is by diversifying your investment portfolio through the addition of alternative investments such as real estate. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Sign up with an investment platform

Sounds like a simple step but it is more than that. At DiversyFund, when you sign up for our real estate crowdfunding platform, you are gaining exclusive access to all our investment opportunities. This way you are able to study an investment opportunity with all the proper information at hand. Moreover, you become part of our community and we’ll make sure to keep you informed about everything that’s going on. You will receive company news, details about new investment opportunities, and investment property updates.

2. Focus on 1 investment opportunity at a time

finance resolutions

We get it – there are many real estate crowdfunding platforms to choose from and multiple investment opportunities within these platforms. At DiversyFund, we invite you to consider one investment option at a time. Real estate crowdfunding allows you to build your investment portfolio with low dollar minimums. Select one investment opportunity, learn the process, and then invest in more. Starting small can yield bigger results.

3. Visit your investment platform on a regular basis

At DiversyFund, not only do we provide you with great investment options to choose from, we also provide you with educational tools to learn more about real estate investing. On our website, you’ll find articles, glossary terms, and frequently asked questions. Visiting the platform on a regular basis will also allow you to keep a close eye on your investment and you’ll be able to utilize tools such as the investment calculator to see how much you could earn by investing in different opportunities. We are always improving our tools using the feedback we get from our users, so you’ll always find something new to explore on our investment platform.

financial resolutions

4. Get someone to invest with you

We’re happier when we are able to share great experiences with family and friends, so why not invest along with them? At DiversyFund, we offer our investors a fantastic referral program where you and your friends win, too. Once you create your account and complete the steps for verification, you’ll find a referral program tool within your profile. Share this code with family, friends or colleagues and once they complete the verification process you’ll each earn $100, automatically deposited into your DiversyFund account.

5. Remind yourself why you are setting financial resolutions in the first place

finance resolutions

Taking the first steps into better financial habits is not always enough to keep you working on achieving your goals. What happens later, when the new year’s push is over? Remembering the reasons why you started in the first place can help keep you going.  So, why did you begin? Do you want to have money for your next vacation? Do you want to have a downpayment on your own property? Are you looking forward to having a larger retirement account? Thinking about why you want to improve your finances in the first place will inspire you to stick to your financial resolutions.

As important as it is to have great health, your financial health is also very important. Put a plan in place to achieve your financial resolutions during the new year. The best day to start is today.

May this new year bring you health, happiness, and prosperity. May all your personal financial resolutions become a permanent part of your future habits.

Have a happy New Year, from your friends at DiversyFund.


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