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March 8, 2020

9 Celebrities Who Have Made Good Investment Decisions

Some celebrities are famous for some of their excellent investments in some big-time companies, which you may have come across. It’s not only businesses that celebrities invest in, but there are also different houses, plots, buildings, and many other things. Like, obviously, these people earn millions and millions of dollars, it would be totally wrong to not invest their hard-earned influential money in something that could continue to work for them and to uplift their image.

If you want to know who these smart celebrities are who have made some fantastic investments continue to read further on, as mentioned below, is a list of celebs who have made some big-time investments:

1. Oprah Winfrey- Weight Watchers

The famous TV celebrity, who is not worth millions but billions, decided to invest in one of the international weight loss programs known as Weight Watchers. Originally Oprah invested $43 million for a 10% stake in 2015, and as she gained more interest in this company, her shares drastically increased to about more than 400 Million Dollars. Even though she has a famous talk show that helps her make billions of dollars, she continued to grow her empire and invest in something she thought will be helpful for others.

2. Madonna- Vita Coco

The Queen of Pop Madonna also invested in something no one ever expected she would. Madonna invested in one of the big-time coconut water company called Vita Coco. She made an investment of $1.5 million along with some other famous celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Demi Moore. Who would have ever thought that a goddess like Madonna would invest in a coconut water company?

3. Justin Bieber- Spotify & Shots Studio

The famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber also invested in something that helped him earn more alongside his singing career. Bieber made not one but two investments. The very first company he invested in was Spotify, which is a music streaming service. After making a big-time investment in Spotify, Spotify’s shares closed down to a 13% higher right after the first trading day on the stock market.

The second investment Bieber made  m,was in a production studio called Shots Studio. This studio introduced its record label under the Universal Music Group; it also produces YouTube Videos. Beiber invested about a million dollars in this company.

4. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher, the heartthrob icon who made his first debut in ”That 70’s Show,” is now growing his career by making some big-time investments. Ashton Kutcher has invested in many companies over the past few years, and all of these companies have been a great success.

One of Kutcher’s first investments involved a venture capital firm, which he founded alongside Guy Oseary. He made his other investments in some reputable companies such as Shazam, Soundcloud, Spotify,and Airbnb. Before Uber came into the spotlight, Ashton Kutcher invested in the big-time car service. He made a remarkable investment of $500,000, and by 2016, the stake was worth $50 million.

5. Ellen DeGeneres

Hollywood’s favorite comedian Ellen DeGeneres, after all, does not only make everyone laugh their hearts out, but she does have a passion for investing in real estate. Along with her wife, Portia de Rossi, Ellen has owned and sold a total of 12 properties. Each property has a different style and outlook on it. In 2018 for $35 million, Ellen sold a Beverly Hills Mansion. When she had initially brought it, she spent only $16 million, which was only three years earlier before selling it. She also flipped out a $40 million mansion for a $15 million profit.

6. George Clooney and Brad Pitt

Hollywood’s two favorite movie stars joined together and set their eyes on commercial real estate investing. The duo invested in a coming up casino in Las Vegas; however, this project didn’t turn out to be what they expected due to some last-minute construction costs. They had initially brought the area for $50 million in 2005 and ended up selling it to Starwood for $202 million in 2006.

Both of them still continue to take an interest in real estate. There have been many reports stating Brad Pitt developing a $1.5 billion dollar creation resort, and Clooney reportedly is a big-time investor in the hills resort Southampton, N.Y.

7. Diddy- Ciroc

For those of you who didn’t know, Diddy is much more than just a successful singer. He has quite a good take on making the right investments at the right time. Diddy made a decision to sell his marketing muscle of his big-time Vodka Company Ciroc to The Liquor Behemoth Diageo in exchange for a share of profits. After making this decision, he fully transformed Behemoth and took on another joint venture in the Deleon tequila brand.

8. Emmitt Smith- Smith Cypress Partners LP

Former NFL player Emmitt Smith turned his cards and took a deep interest in commercial real estate. Before entering the commercial real estate business, he was an intern at Staubach’s real estate company. In 2005, he joined with Staubach and created a retail brokerage firm, which is known as Smith Cypress Partners LP.

9. Roger Staubach

The famous NFL player Roger Staubach didn’t only make a living with the millions he made from his football career but also earned some with his career in real estate. After retiring from football, Roger picked up his passion for real estate and founded The Staubach Company. The focus of his company was to help tenants with finding industrial and office retail space. The company gradually started to grow, resulting in 50 offices in North America. Roger sold his company to LaSalle for $640 million.


Not all celebrities and athletes make smart decisions with their finances. Buying expensive cars, huge mansions, etc. without proper thinking has backfired for many celebrities. However, there is always something for us to learn from the mistakes of others.

Don’t forget; adversity brings out the best in us. Learn from their mistakes, pick the right direction from the start, and make every step count. Don’t think you can’t achieve big just because you do not have millions of dollars. You have options like DiversyFund at your disposal, which are committed to offering lucrative investment opportunities to everyday investors. 




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