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January 13, 2020

2020, The Year of the Side Gig

It’s 2020— just about anyone can rent out their guest room, deliver groceries, walk adorable dogs, or even write articles online to generate extra cash. But what’s even crazier is that you can make that extra cash while doing something you love!

FACT: 44 million Americans have a side hustle. (Bankrate)

FACT: On average, side hustlers working 11 hours a week made around $12,609 per year (that’s almost $25/hr) 

If you’re ready to join the 44M Americans and start hustling your way to your financial goals, then read on. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most lucrative side gigs out there.

  1. Freelance Work

    If you are particularly good at something such as writing, graphic design, voiceovers, or any sort of work that can be done remotely, you can find a gig on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. You’d be surprised that you could make $50+ for contributing articles or find someone in need of a new logo for a few hundred bucks. Plus, it looks great in your own portfolio! These sites can charge up to 20%, but it’s still a top way to bring in some cash for something you (hopefully) love doing!

  2. Ride Share Driving

    Yes, this will take some time, gas, and you might even have to be social. However, the benefits can quickly outweigh the negatives here! Recent surveys show that in the 25 largest Lyft markets in the U.S., average earnings are over $20 per hour. Uber’s average earnings were slightly less. Sacrificing just 5 hours of your weekend can add up to about $4,800 a year. If you were to put that $400 of extra cash per month straight into an investment account (assuming 8% returns) and leave it for 10 years to grow, it could grow to a pretty $69,535.50! Brb gotta go drive.

  3. Starting a Blog

    This one may take a bit of time to ramp up, but the payoff can be well worth the time invested. Bloggers can earn money by writing for others, by advertisements on their sites, and from sponsored content. Important to remember if you decide to go this route you MUST write about a subject matter that you are passionate or at least very knowledgable about.

  4. Tutoring

    So many sites have popped up as the demand for tutoring children abroad on English as a second language has grown tremendously. One of the most popular sites to check out is VIPKid. We haven’t personally tried this one out yet, but their site claims teachers can make up to $22/hr, all while choosing their own schedule!

  5. Sell Things You Make

    Sites like Etsy make this super easy. Whether your niche is in handmade jewelry, reselling cool vintage items, or even selling downloadable photo presets, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

  6. Rent Out Your Spare Room

    AirBnB is an awesome site allowing you to list your spare room or even your whole home to people traveling from all over. This is especially lucrative if you live in a busy city or tourist destination! Obviously this one requires a home or extra bedroom, which many people don’ have. However, if you have the space collecting dust anyway, might as well make some cash!

  7. Dog Walking

    Maybe this is just us, but walking dogs doesn’t seem like “work” at all! Dog walking on the side can be fun and rewarding, plus you get exercise and money. Seems like a win-win. Check out sites like Rover and to get started.

Take some time to really think about what you like to do. Now think about how you can monetize that passion or hobby! The above list is just 7 out of dozens of options to choose from. If you like to play the guitar, record an online learning class. If you like to paint, sell your work on Etsy.

We challenge you to earn an extra $100 over the next month. If you keep it up, you can have almost an extra $1,200 within the year (and even more if you were to invest that extra cash along the way for your future!)

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