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Are You Walking Away from High Return Investments?

When it comes to investing and setting up investment portfolios, it is natural to go for high return investments and low to zero risks. But, be careful as not all investments are equal.

You must do your due diligence before making a decision. Both on which investments to pick and which companies to trust. Finding ads that sell the “Best Investments” is easy. Just do a quick search and you will get 100’s of results. The hard part is going through details before making a selection. This is especially true for finding an investment that best fits within your time horizon, financial goals and desired returns.

What investment options produce high returns with lower risk?

While there are a number of great options to choose from when it comes to investing, there are only a handful that will produce high returns with minimal risk. Of course, these are not all available investment options, but here are a few investment options that produce high returns with low amounts of risk:


  • Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Stocks
  • Credit Card Rewards
  • Crowdfunding Real Estate



What should I keep in mind when looking for quality investments?

The truth is, this will be different for each individual. Since each investor has a different risk tolerance, time horizon and other financial goals, each will view the various investments differently.

Of course, each investor will want to weigh the risk of the investment against their time horizon and financial goals. Additionally, one will want to look at how big of a return is being received at the time of payout compared to the risk involved. However, it is also key to keep these three aspects in mind when seeking a quality investment:


It is important that you are able to review the company’s prospectus, terms, and performance. Especially, before you trust them with your money. With access to so many options, it’s best you do your due diligence with all of them. Trust a company that:

  • shows you all the information you need upfront,
  • enhances your value as the investor provides full disclosures and transparency.
  • makes your investment journey a pleasure and simple,
  • provides detailed FAQs, how their investment process works, and the type of opportunities that are available on their platform.

At DiversyFund we take pride in developing a modern user experience and simple investment process. We offer pre-vetted investment opportunities with full details available. This allows each investor to review before making an investment.


The company’s history in business, their experience in the field and past performance is very important. However, it is more important to learn about the people behind the entity. Some companies may have a lot of years in service, but the current management team may lack experience in the investment world. Therefore, take a moment to learn about their founders and team of experts.

Here at DiversyFund, our principals have over 2 decades of experience operating in the real estate and investment sector. We have built a team of experts whose combined experience is over 30 years in real estate market research, construction, development, and design. This allows us to bring you the best investments available in the markets we operate in.

Time Involvement

Time is Money. You need to decide if you are looking for passive investment opportunities or if you want to be actively involved. This includes finding, qualifying, vetting, funding, fixing, managing and selling before seeing any returns. Based upon this decision, you can commit to your physical and financial involvement. You will want to take into consideration how long your investment will be held before you see any returns as well.

Choosing DiversyFund

With many alternative investment options offered through DiversyFund, the timeframe is typically 12-18 months. These opportunities require no or low involvement on your part. DiversyFund provides monthly progress updates for your investment project. In addition, we also share pictures and videos on how the project is coming along. This keeps our investors in the know without their active time commitment. Upon exit, returns automatically go into their bank account.

In today’s hottest real estate markets the competition to find good deals is very high. This means companies need to be innovative for finding and pursuing the right type of investment opportunities. We have over 30 years of experience in bringing the right investments to the market. And, they continue to produce high returns for our investor community.

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