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DiversyFund connects you to high-quality real estate investments through our easy-to-use online platform.

DiversyFund is a full service, online real estate crowdfunding platform that connects accredited investors to high-quality real estate investment opportunities. Our mission is to revolutionize and simplify your research and investment process. Our vision is to be the catalyst in assisting investors in meeting their long term portfolio goals through our online, fully transparent, and real-time investment platform.

Founded in 2014 by Craig Cecilio, DiversyFund was first started to improve upon old school real estate investing practices and beliefs. Cecilio then built a team of like-minded individuals and set out to disrupt the traditional process of real estate investing. It worked.

The DiversyFund team is based out of “America’s Finest City” in San Diego, California and is driven by its passion to grow and eagerness to learn. DiversyFund is changing the world of real estate investing and is dedicated to providing accredited investors with diversification via high-quality, thoroughly-vetted residential and commercial real estate investments.


Our Story

After working in the real estate and finance industry for nearly 20 years, Craig Cecilio started This online crowdfunding real estate investment platform is aimed to disrupt the traditional real estate industry. Moreover, we are creating equal opportunity for everyone to invest with as little as $5000.

Why Choose DiversyFund

AgileAgile Real Estate InvestmentsWhen it comes to investment firms, bigger isn’t always better. By operating with a core staff of experienced associates, DiversyFund is able to give you the highly personalized experience – and  real estate investment expertise – you desire. In addition to that, DiversyFund is able to react rapidly to key market changes while leveraging creative strategies that larger firms simply can’t execute.

Accountablehome11We underwrite every aspect of the loan by first measuring the known risks and then identifying any potential unknown risks in the transaction before we price the return to our investors. All of our transactions are underwritten, 100% transparent, and accurately reported. We only align ourselves with investors and managers who meet our strict set of qualifications. Our focus is on
quality over quantity – We ensure you only get the very best real estate investment opportunities  available on the market. That’s a promise.

ExperienceExperincedOur founder and President Craig Cecilio has been funding real estate investment projects for over a decade and our well-connected team of experienced investment executives are all driven to find you the best possible residential, commercial, income, and equity properties possible.

CreativeCreative Real Estate InvestmentIn today’s challenging financial landscape, maximizing returns takes skill, experience, and creativity. Sometimes we achieve this through economies of scale. Other times, it can only be achieved by working with a vast network of industry experts that know what it takes to deliver the kind of dividends our community of investors have come to expect. We provide high-quality debt investments secured by real estate to all our accredited investors and seek innovative ways to put more money in your portfolio.

Our team at DiversyFund is comprised of dynamic real estate professionals committed to providing you with the best investment opportunities our market has to offer. Our extensive experience in real estate combined with our expertise in asset management, consulting, investment banking, and technology has revolutionized the real estate industry by making the investment process simple and accessible.









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